Why You Should Use a Reputable Jewellery Dealer


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When it comes to buying quality diamonds, maybe as a present for a family member, a treat for yourself or even for something as important as best and affordable engagement ring, you need to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable jewellery dealer. Although it’s extremely tempting to buy diamond jewellery if you find a really good deal, you may not be buying from a trustworthy trader. This results in you getting diamonds of a much lower quality than you wanted. Finding a good trader is relatively simple as there are many options to look at:


  • Independent Traders – These are often found through word of mouth, ask your friends and family if they know of anyone who has a good reputation and you’ll surely find one
  • Antique Jewellers – Depending on the kind of diamond jewellery that you’re after, antique jewellers can be a great place to buy diamonds from
  • Online Businesses – These can be a great place to buy quality diamonds, however search for reviews of the business first to avoid disappointment
  • Diamond Wholesalers – Wholesalers are a great way to save money, and often offer a range of quality diamonds


Once you have found somewhere to buy from you need to know what it is you’re looking for to make sure they’re a reputable jewellery dealer, which will be explained in these next paragraphs!


Industry Certification


When you’re buying a diamond, it is important to buy one that has been certificated. This is a safeguard for the buyer as it ensures that the diamond you are buying is of the correct standard and sizing that you want. If you ask any reputable jeweller they should be able to produce a certificate for your diamond with grading for the four C’s. The four C’s are:


  • Cut – This determines the overall style of the diamond. For instance, a ring may feature a brilliant cut while another may have a cushion style diamond cut at its heart.
  • Carat – The carat is the unit used for the weight of a diamond, this is a very precise measurement, so it’s important to make sure it’s correct
  • Clarity – This number tells the number of blemishes found on the diamond, the higher graded the better
  • Colour – Diamonds run from colourless to near-colourless, the more yellow a diamond is the lower the value


When buying from a diamond international importer or reputable dealer there will be no problem obtaining certification before you buy your diamond jewellery, so if the business/trader you’re trying to buy from is unable to produce one then you should think about going elsewhere. Having certification also makes it easier if you wish to sell the diamonds later on, and will also ensure you a higher price than a diamond that isn’t certified.

Fake Diamonds


Synthetic diamonds have been around for a long time, and if they’re what you’re shopping for there are many fake diamond traders around. However, there is a problem with some dishonest trader listing fake diamonds as being real particularly now that it’s very easy to do so over the internet. For an untrained eye it is generally difficult to distinguish between a real and fake diamond, so if you’re feeling unsure try to get a professionals opinion. Remember, if you’re having any doubts whatsoever walk away from the purchase. if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is.


Blood Diamonds


There is still a giant problem with blood diamonds too, making it even more important to buy your jewellery from a reputable trader. Blood diamonds are generally collected by men, women and children who are being forced to work by anti-government organisations. The term blood diamond refers to the fact that much of the money gained from mining these diamonds goes towards funding war and conflict, for example buying weaponry. This makes it extremely important to make sure you buy ethically sourced diamonds. Although many blood diamonds are sold on the black market, there are some diamond traders who will knowingly buy diamonds sourced by these methods and sell them on as if they were sustainably sourced. To help fight the sale of conflict diamonds, the Kimberley Process was establish in 2003 to stop them from entering the diamond market, however blood diamonds are still largely sold all across the world and often unknowingly to the buyer.


Being sensible when it comes to buying diamonds is the key. If you have any suspicions about the trader you’ve found, then call off the deal and keep looking. As tempting as it may be when you’re offered a good price for affordable loose diamonds and diamond jewellery, there is often a reason that they’re that cheap, and it isn’t worth it in the long run especially if you try to resell later on.



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