Why Eggs Are So Good For You

When it comes to eating healthily, there are a lot of foods that we should be eating that quite frankly, aren’t too appetizing. One food type that thankfully does not fall into that category and aside from being delicious, can also help you to be far healthier, are eggs. In terms of cooking eggs, there are few foods more flexible or that can be cooked in so many ways as an egg can. I love nothing more than heading down to pick up some Norco Ranch eggs and trying out many different ways of cooking these little beauties. In terms of healthy living, eggs offer you a huge range of benefits which we are going to look at today.


Cholesterol But Not As You Know It


Eggs were considered for a long time to be unhealthy as a result of the cholesterol which they contained. It is true that compared with other foods, eggs do contain quite a bit of cholesterol, a large egg contains around 212mg of it, despite this however, numerous studies have shown that this cholesterol does not adversely affect level of cholesterol that exist in the blood. Simply put, this means that the dangers of high levels of cholesterol like heart disease are not prevalent in eating too many eggs.




We regularly hear about various foods and drinks containing high antioxidants, and somewhat surprisingly, eggs are rarely mentioned. Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin which are both powerful antioxidants that can help the body. Both of these antioxidants can significantly help with eye problems such as diseases and cataracts.


Nutritious and Delicious


Aside from the obviously epic taste of eggs, they are also absolutely packed with nutrients which help the body in an immeasurable way. Here is an idea of what kind of nutrients eggs pack within their shells:


– 9 amino acids

– Just 5 grams of fat

– A whopping 6 grams of protein

– Rich in phosphorus, iron, selenium

– Rich in vitamins A, B5, B2, B12

– Brain boosting choline, a nutrient which is vital to your brain health and one which many don’t get enough of


Weight Loss


eggs really benefit those who are looking to lose weight, not only are they a low-fat, high protein food but they also contain just a trace of carbohydrates. There is an index called the satiety index which measures how full a type of food makes you feel versus the amount of fat or calories they contain and eggs have a very high number on the index. Several studies have been made on those looking to lose weight and featuring eggs in their diet and time and time again they show that eggs reduce BMI and aid greatly in the loss of body fat and waist circumference.


To conclude then, it is quite clear that getting more eggs in your diet can help you lose weight, stay healthy and avoid age-related diseases, what better argument is there for getting more egg in your life!

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