Why Did You Miss Out on the Job You Wanted?

Going after a job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

So, are you applying for and going on job interviews these days? If you said yes, how’s the luck going?

Yes, some people are able to land a job with one interview and be set. For others, it can be many interviews and still no luck.

The bottom line is making sure you keep at it until you find what you want.

Given you will spend a fair amount of time daily at your job; you want one where you will be as happy as possible.

So, any idea why you missed out on the job you wanted in the first place?

Variety of Reasons Can Lead to Missed Job Opportunities

In looking back at why you may not have gotten the job you wanted recently, consider these:

1. Your attitude – Did you go into the interview feeling good about both you and the job you went for? A bad or less than confident attitude can doom you from the moment you talk to one on the phone or walk in for an interview. That said make sure you are as positive as possible on each interview. When a prospective employer sees one is not there for the right reasons, it can be a rather easy decision to make.

2. Your appearance – When going in for face-to-face interviews, don’t slouch on appearance. Doing so can lead to someone else getting the position. As an example, if you are a guy with facial hair, do all you can to make it look good. This means keeping any beards, goatees or even a mustache looking sharp. If you are not happy with the shaving equipment you have now, it may well be time to get some new items. You can go online and do some shopping for the best brands out there. Also look to see where you get the best value be it with Gillette on demand prices or another brand. Your appearance also centers on things like clothing, whether you look awake and more. Given the importance of the interview to you, make sure you look as good as you can.

3. Your skills – Are you the right person for the job you are interviewing for? For some people, they try and fake their way through an interview. Did you go through an interview where you were not the best candidate and still tried to pull it off? You want to be sure you are applying and interviewing for jobs you know you are qualified for at the end of the day.

4. Your knowledge – Last, how up to speed are you on the employer you are interviewing with? It is always wise to go on their website and learn some details about them before agreeing to an interview. If you failed to do this last time, the interviewer may well have determined early on you were not the right fit.

When you look to have a better job interview as many times as it takes, be sure you are confident from start to finish.

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