Why Beauty Is More Important Than Looking Good

My friendship group consists of 5 women of all the same age, with very differing opinions when it comes to beauty and beauty treatments. On the one hand there is myself and my friend Jessica who go each month to the wonderful Sono Bello beauty clinic for a series of treatments which are well worth the cost, on the other hand there are my other 3 friends who refuse to pay for something which they say that they can “do at home”.


There is a regular discussion in fact between my friends and I, about why beauty is so important, and why making a beauty appointment each month is worth doing. If you are sitting on the sam side as my 3 friends who don’t do beauty salons, here is why a beauty day is so important, and why it is about more than just looking good.




I am not a shy person by any stretch of the imagination but I do gain a great deal of confidence when I look good, as do most women I would imagine, and even most men. After a day in the beauty salon, and after whatever treatment I may have had that day, I can guarantee that I feel absolutely amazing for at least a couple of weeks afterwards. This confidence for me, makes beauty about more than just looking good, but feeling good too.


Getting Away


When life, work or my family gets too  much, and I just want to get away for a little while, I know that my day in the salon gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that. Many people talk about a desire to disconnect from reality, to stay away from the internet, not have to do things for people, or even talk to people for that matter. In this regard, I always know that the 5-8 hours that I spend in the salon, is my time to get away from everything and just be.




When it comes to talking to people about any issues or problems which you have, many of us may not always want to confide in our partners or our friends and family and instead a relative stranger may be the best person to vent at. In my life, I take the opportunity to lay everything out to my beautician who I know doesn’t really care, but in turn, she knows that I need these moments to use them as a sounding board. I not only like to spill the beans about what is going on in my life, but also like to listen to what gossip the beautician may have for me about the lives of others.


In my view, a day which makes you feel good, relaxed, pampered and where you can have a chat about just about everything, is a very good day indeed. Add to this the beauty aspect and that for me, is why a beauty day is so important.

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