What to Expect from a Lap Band Procedure

You may want to be one of the many people who is able to say that they lost a lot of weight, but gained so much more. Indeed, thousands upon thousands of people around the world have been successful in losing weight with the lap band while gaining a healthier, happier life at the same time. In fact, some 800,000 people around the world have had success with this system since 1996.

What Is the Lap Band System?

The system has been designed to be minimally invasive to your life. It is put into place through laparoscopic or keyhole surgery. Recovery time is usually not more than one week. After that, you will feel like you will have your own life back, only better.

Naturally, you will have many questions about the procedure. Most people want to know what to expect in terms of the procedure and its results. They also want to know how much it hurts and more. Answering that question first in particular, lap band surgery does not hurt, as it is done through keyhole surgery and, as described, you will be ready to get back to your normal life within about a week.

So what does the system do? Basically, it is a system that is installed over the top of your stomach, putting pressure on that area. Because of this pressure, you will feel full on a much smaller amount of food, in turn meaning you will eat much less. In very simple terms: you will eat less and feel fuller faster for longer. This is a great way to achiev..e long term, sustainable weight loss.

How the Procedure Works

As stated, the surgery itself is keyhole surgery. This means that a tiny camera is inserted, allowing the surgeon to see inside your body using a screen. A few tiny incisions are made in your abdomen and a band is then placed through these incisions around your stomach. Oftentimes, the surgery is done on an outpatient basis, as it only takes around one hour. This means that you can go straight home afterwards. You will have to recover for about a week before you can get back to your usual activities. An access port will also be placed just under the skin in the abdomen. That way, the band can easily be tightened or loosened as and when required.

Always Find a Specialist

It is vital that you have the surgery completed by a specialist. If you have a lap band procedure by NYBG, you will know that all your options have been discussed first and that your health – and your body – is kept at the forefront of any decision. Not everybody is a good candidate for this type of procedure, and you also have to have realistic expectations about the procedure itself and its results. Before you are able to have a lap band, therefore, you must go through significant consultations with a specialist who will monitor your physical health and your psychological motivation.

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