Use a Wedding Arch or Arbor For Your Special Day

If you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding, chances are you’re planning on doing more than just checking the weather and when it’s going to be low tide. Just like with any special event, certain preparations have to be made in advance. After you’ve confirmed that no hurricanes are scheduled to swipe your beach, there are lots of other ways you can turn your seaside venue into your own paradise found.

Use an Arch or Arbor

One of the simplest ways to create a beautiful area for you and your closest friends on your special day is to have a wedding arch or wedding arbor placed where you and your fiancĂ© are going to take your vows. This will create not only a special place for the members of the wedding to stand, but will add to the picturesque view of the blushing bride during photo time. What bride wouldn’t want to pose with her handsome new husband under a gorgeous wedding arch entwined with flowering vines or flowing ribbons? A wedding arbor offers a similar display of vines and flowers, but is typically wider than the arch. If you feel that the heat of the day might be a tad overwhelming, you might like to choose the wedding arbor for its shade offering.

Where to Get Arches and Arbors

A wedding arch or wedding arbor can be purchased as a kit, and is straightforward for any skilled handyman to erect. White vinyl kits are standard but you may find them in other materials as well. With just a few everyday tools, they can be put together in an afternoon. Make sure you discuss your plans to install the arch or arbor with the local authorities to ensure you obtain any necessary permits.

Use it as a Photo Backdrop

A great idea is to erect the wedding arch ahead of time so you can use it as a backdrop in your wedding invitations with photographs. This way, you can give guests a hint of how the wedding scene will look on the actual day. This is also a great way to get more use out of your wedding arch. Remember, that you’ll be saving your wedding invitations in your wedding photo album as well as pictures from the wedding and reception. The invitations can have a picture of the arch decorated but with no one standing beneath it. Then you can have your wedding photographer take more pictures during and after the wedding with you and your loved one standing beneath the arch.

Decorating the Arch or Arbor

Once you have your wedding arch or arbor erected, the next step is to decorate it. Don’t worry about using real vines. You or your wedding designer can purchase faux vines and flowers from a local craft store and wind them through the frame of the arch. Add color coordinated ribbons and it will be all ready for the special day!

One of the most appealing aspects about adding a wedding arch or arbor to your outdoor wedding is that you can bring it home and keep it as a reminder for years to come. Who knows? Maybe you will decide to renew your vows someday and you can use it to have a garden style wedding under the arch. And maybe someday your own children will get married underneath the same arch.


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