Tips on Giving Your House a More Luxurious Feel

Luxury isn’t just about buying the most expensive furniture or gold-plating everything in your house. As the saying goes, “you can’t buy class”. So how exactly does one go about decorating their home so that it exudes a more luxurious feel? Here are some tips you can start with.

Spruce up with scents

Luxury is an experience for all five of your senses, so if your house has an unpleasant or musty smell, it ruins the whole picture. Lighting a scented candle or putting up a diffuser to flood every room with divine scents is a great way to instantly make your home feel classier. Some scents are also great at evoking certain moods, so if you don’t want each room to smell the same, you can pick a scent that would suit the mood you want to evoke in each room. For the dining room, perhaps choose food-based and appetising smells. For the bedroom, maybe some relaxing floral scents.

Don’t skimp on the bathroom

Just because guests don’t see your bathroom doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the same degree of luxury as the rest of the house. In fact, since the bathroom is your private, intimate, relaxing space, it’s the ideal place to spend a little bit more on items you can use to treat yourself. Save your most expensive scented candles for the bathroom, or buy that fancy bathtub with the massage jets or those steam showers that you loved using at the spa. You deserve it.

Hang up some art

Having art hung up on the walls instantly elevates the room and ties everything together. Depending on the piece’s subject and style, as well as the aesthetics of the room it’s in, you have to consider if you want to use an ornate frame, a plain one, or none at all. Choosing the right frame impacts the art and space in a big way. You also need to ask what kind of art you want to add to the room, be it a painting, a print, a sculpture, or whatever else.

Upgrade the living room

The living room is where we gather guests for entertainment and relaxation. Nothing makes an evening more awkward than forcing them to endure extended periods of time in chunky, uncomfortable sofas and armchairs. Consider swapping out high-density foam for memory foam or, better yet, feathers. Accent the room with statement pieces like a unique coffee table or eye-catching ceiling lights. If the space is largely monochromatic, you can use the cushions or rugs to add a pop of colour.

Luxury carries different meanings for different people. Like everything in design, it’s a highly subjective concept. You can read articles and browse catalogues for luxury homes all day long, but in the end, remember that you are designing your house for yourself. Go with what you like and what feels luxurious for you. A house is a highly personal space, and as long as you’re happy with your design choices, that’s all that matters.


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