The variety of careers within mental health

Mental health is rightly starting to get some of the national attention it deserves. One of the most obvious factors of mental health is how complicated the whole issue is. This means, if we, as a society, are going to amicably deal with mental health, we need a wide range of specialists who can correctly combat against the complications associated with mental health. In this article, we’ll look at what factors change between different types of mental health jobs and the different environments these jobs take place in.

Firstly, a large portion of mental health takes place in hospital. This can either be as part of a main hospital, dealing with mental health issues that relate to physical health or injuries. This type of role would largely be a supportive role as part of a larger medical team. Working as part of a treatment process, usually with a very large volume of patients. Or you could work in a specific mental health hospital. Here you may have more individual cases of patients, but will still be working as a larger medical team, just one that is more based in mental health. This would usually allow for more of a specialisation down a specific area of mental health. While working in a main hospital would mean having to have a very large but broad knowledge of mental health. Similarly to this, you could be working within a doctor’s surgery. Similarly to a GP, your role would demand you have broad mental health knowledge to help all types of problems, and to help identify if there is more specialist mental health consultation needed.

Outside of hospitals and doctors surgeries, you could find yourself in more of a counselling position. Helping people to help themselves individually and to make better life decisions, both in the short term and long term. Or within the education sector, helping students with specific educational and mental health needs. Finally, you could work as a recovery worker, which is helping those with physical and mental dependencies on drugs and alcohol.

These few examples don’t come close to the variety of jobs within mental health. It is important to remember that mental health jobs are not just jobs to help deal with a problem that has become apparent. It is also about preventing, to a certain extent, mental health problems from arising in the first place, or recurring.



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