The Safe Oasis the Drug or Alcohol Dependent Person is Looking for

When someone makes the critically important decision in their life to rid their body of drugs and alcohol through detoxification, they should most certainly do so in a very safe and medically supervised environment. A licensed detox facility such as Coastal Detox can be the safe oasis the drug or alcohol dependent person is looking for to help get them through the earliest, most physically dangerous steps when attempting to quit their chemical use.

Going through the detoxification process is a daunting, even scary thought for users. People that are attempting to finally quit for their first time may not have any idea what to expect of themselves, or what their body’s reactions may be, when that substance is no longer put into their body.

For people that have attempted to quit before, and went back to using their substance of choice, the decision to quit altogether may even be more difficult and fear-provoking. Withdrawals can be an extraordinarily frightening time when users quit. The medical consequences of these withdrawals, as the user attempts to detox, can result in life threatening situations. Users that have been through severe withdrawals in the past may know and have experienced much of this, and are fearful of repeating this cycle of fear, sickness, and anxiety.

Another factor causing people to delay or even stop thinking about quitting their use is the realization that this substance they have been using, and at this point relying on in their lives, will be completely gone forever. Thoughts of all the “good times” had while using flood the mind, with all those bad memories associated with this drug or alcohol use suddenly fading into near oblivion. This happens for a great number of users as they continue down the slippery slope of chemical abuse, with absolutely no good results coming from it. Unfortunate, tragic circumstances happen. Happy, healthy lives in this existence do not.

When the substance abuser is finally ready to quit, they will need to go through detoxification. As stated, this first step in obtaining sobriety is very difficult, and depending on several variables in the user’s body, can be a dangerous one. Detoxing on one’s own should not be done for these reasons. To go through a healthy and safe detox process, the user needs to seek out help from a licensed detox facility that will see them through this critical stage in their recovery.

When users have questions about whether a detox program would be right for them, counselors at detox centers are more than happy to sit down with that person and discuss the entire situation as it relates to the substance use in the person’s life. Past and present use, problems that the substance use has brought on in their lives, and other issues that have relevance to the user will be addressed. At this point, a more in-depth and comprehensive assessment of the problem can be determined.

For those who elect to enlist help from a detox facility, one facility they should seriously consider is one that specializes in a wide variety of holistic treatment therapies.

There are several holistic treatment procedures that can help reduce stress and anxiety, while at the same time producing natural chemical processes and changes within the body.

Massage therapy helps aid blood flow, which nourishes tissues and aids in lymph drainage. It also increases in producing beta-endorphines, the pleasure-producing hormone that makes people feel more relaxed and positive.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture procedures may also be integrated into the treatment.

Chiropractic treatment helps relieve stress, increases endorphines, decreases cravings, depression and anxiety, and can help improve blood circulation, increase oxygen levels, lower cortisol levels, all while improving mental performance.

Acupuncture helps free up blocked channels in the body that an essential energy, called Qi, flows through. This helps to stimulate the body’s detoxifying organs, helping to speed up the detox process.

Other holistic treatments that are highly beneficial in terms of mental wellness, as well as a number of physical benefits they provide which are essential in the detox and healing process include Biosound Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy, and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy.

When a person goes through the detox process, they can experience seizures. These are a result of neurotransmitters in the brain misfiring. Patients in the detox center can get Amino acid replenishment to help restore their neurotransmitter balance and function, helping to minimize withdrawal symptoms, and in turn helping to reduce the potential for a relapse.

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