The Right Time to Seek Help from A Podiatrist

If you are facing discomfort or any other physical problem in the ankle, foot, and lower extremity, it is best that you seek out to a podiatrist specializing in heel pain, toenail fungus treatment and more. They are specialists who work hard to stay updated with all the latest developments available in foot care. Even though the feet are over unnoticed and ignored, it is essential for everyone to take good care of their feet.

You may argue that you drive most of the time and do not walk, but that does not reduce the importance of your feet. Even though people residing in the busy freeways and crowded streets in big metro areas drive from one place to another, there is no reason neglect proper foot care.

Sometimes, individuals ignore symptoms and delay their appointment with the specialist. Remember that your legs are as important as any other part of the body and deserve to be taken care of.

However, not all pains and feet ache are so severe that you will need a podiatrist’s attention. A common solution to these problems can be a hot soak, a good foot massage or simply a few hours of rest. Often, better socks and a new pair of shoes help alleviate pain. You will know that you must see the doctor when your discomfort remains even after trying all the aforementioned techniques.

In fact, if you find that the pain is increased with activity, you can be certain that it is a serious problem which demands expert attention.

When Pain Remains After Resting

Before running to the doctor, try to rest your feet for a complete day. Usually, feet ache stops only after a few hours. If rest does not help, something is wrong. Also, if the pain becomes intolerable, you can have a fracture or other problem which do not subside without proper medical attention.

Foot Ache When Legs Are Elevated

It is known that elevating feet generally provides relieve from pain but if you experience the opposite, something could be wrong. If raising the legs cause pain or lead to any kind of circulatory problems, it is a serious condition which demands podiatrist’s help. You might also need to meet with a medical doctor.

Tingling Sensation or Other Symptoms

Oftentimes, individuals feel numbness, burning or tingling sensation in the feet. These can be signs of neuropathy, which is a symptom of diabetes and must be monitored by podiatrists. If you feel any of these symptoms, you might have diabetes.

When Exactly to Visit the Podiatrist

The area of expertise for podiatrists can be divided into 4 major sections. Visit a specialist if you feel you need expert attention in any of the following:

  • Diabetic foot care and wound care

  • Pediatric foot care

  • Biomechanics

  • Surgery

Most diabetic patients are regular podiatric patients due to side effects such as ulcerations and peripheral neuropathy. As wound care of the foot is an important part of podiatry, podiatrists use advanced wound systems, wound dressings, and medicated ointments to heal foot wounds.

Feet ache is not an uncommon problem. While some cases are so minor that simple home remedies help eliminate pain, some people face conditions so serious that the solution is as severe as surgery.

It is essential to understand the importance of foot care and the role of podiatrists in making the process easier. Notice your symptoms and do not ignore even the slightest pain in feet as it can impact mobility. Allow a good podiatrist to assist you when you need help.

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