The mysteries of looking great uncovered!

Models on the telly strut their stuff, looking as beautiful as Amazonian long-legged bastions of good health reasonably should. People pass by on the street reeking of effortless glamour. Yet when you look in the mirror, a mass of dry skin and blackheads stare back.

Those long-legged models and impeccably dressed passers-by don’t emerge from the womb immaculately. Models in particular maintain a rigorous schedule to keep themselves healthier than the norm.

They’ll wake up early, hit the gym, have a nutritional breakfast, hit the gym again, slap on skincare products and, you guessed it, hit the gym.

But you don’t need a military style routine simply to get that healthy glow. There are a number of simple things you can do to boost your wellbeing – here are just a few.

Shower time

You’ve woken from your slumber feeling more ragged than a ragdoll listening to raga dance music and calling itself a ragamuffin. We’ve all been there. Despite the fact you’ve just entered the waking world, all you need is a few more hours of sleep.

But you’ve got places to be. You can’t spend extra hours snoozing. The only practical remedy to your poor skin is an effective shower.

High street shampoos and body washes, however, are filled with a number of additives and lathering devices that could damage your skin in the long run.

For our money, a Proactiv body wash and an organic shampoo are worth shelling out for. They’ll leave your skin looking a lot fresher.

Easy exercise

When you’re the type of person who likes to sit and vegetate on the settee, the sheer notion of exercising seems like a Herculean task. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Make a playlist of your favourite tunes and try to exercise for a maximum of 15 minutes a day. It’s just enough time to build up a sweat, but not quite enough to exhaust you.

Once you’re used to that short burst of energy, add another five minutes to your regime. Keep doing this in increments until you’ve got a full blown regime you can tackle without struggling.

40 winks

Beauty sleep isn’t only something you hear about in fairy tales – it’s a scientific fact.

Boffins have discovered that those who don’t get their 40 winks look less attractive to prospective partners. It’s one of those scientific discoveries that we already know in the back of our heads – looking sleep deprived isn’t the height of beauty.

Make sure you enjoy around eight hours of sleep every night and you’ll look far more refreshed. It’s how those glamorous models manage to look so good, so why shouldn’t you?

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