Ten Simple Ways to Impress Your Girl

best-cruises-for-couplesYou probably already know that it is easy to get a girlfriend but not nearly as easy to keep her! Many people, men in particular believe women are hard to understand, but in fact, they are fairly easy to understand. You simply have to take care of the small things and life together becomes so much smoother. Having a good healthy relationship is not difficult, but you need to understand some basic things about your significant other in order to keep her happy. When you have found that one special person and want to spend your life together you should know what makes her happy. Consider the following tips that will help you keep the passion going and make her fall for you over and over again.

10. Don’t Say I Love You

Saying you love her is not enough you have to show her in your actions and responses to her. She needs to know without a shadow of a doubt that you really love her, not just, that you can say the right words. Guys are not big on expressing their feelings even verbally but it is mandatory if you are going to have a successful relationship. Young women and ladies love to know how much you care about them so you need to remind her every day. Say it as often as possible but follow up with actions such as bringing her beautiful flowers or delicious chocolates. It is also good to let her know why you love her and what makes her so special. Conquering the heart of your lady is a matter of learning how to express and more importantly show your love to her.

9. Power of Gifts

Gifts are a powerful way to show someone how much they mean to you and girls especially love receiving them. If you have been apart for an extended period, it would not hurt to bring her something special. Of course, not just any gift will suffice; you must know your girlfriend well and bring her something that shows how well you understand her. She knows you have a busy schedule and when you take the time to think of her, it makes her happy. As soon as you can pop into a nearby shop and pick up her favorite thing. Remember it is not how much you spend but it is truly the thought that counts. A single rose or small box of chocolates can mean as much as diamonds or gold!

8. Girls Love Surprises

Never miss an opportunity to surprise her, most girls love it. There are several ways you could surprise her, show up unexpectedly to pick her up for a surprise date, or leave a love note on her car. If you are a good cook, surprise her with a home cooked meal. Again, it does not have to be a grand gesture, even picking up her favorite cup of coffee or shake after a long day of work can bring a smile to her face. Women and girls enjoy a little unpredictability in a man and these little surprises can make her day.

7. Her Favorite Place

What is the one place that always puts a smile on her face? Take her whenever you can even if you do not particularly care for the location. Some girls love an impromptu shopping trip, and if you are willing to take her, she will love you too! Do what it takes to make her happy. Each woman is different, for your girl it may be a trip to the beach, a concert in the park or a much-anticipated movie. By taking her to a special place, she will see that you understand and make her desires a priority.

6. Appreciation

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated, especially by their partner? Your girl will feel amazing when you take the time to make her feel appreciated. Compliment her clothing, accessories or anything else she takes pride in. That last part is very important, if she is the type of girl that has a great fashion sense, appreciating her shoes will have a big impact. Of course, these are just a few examples, your woman may be an amazing cook, show your appreciation by commenting and then cleaning up after dinner! Remember to keep your compliments and appreciation real, in other words do not overdo it, it will come across as fake if you gush all the time.

5. Respect

It is not just a popular song, but the way to a girl’s heart. Respect is a foundational block to any relationship and it should be mutual. When you talk about her, remember it should always be done in respect. When you show her respect, you will receive it in return. This will be tested when you do not particularly agree with a decision or feeling she has, but it is a part of loving another human being. Respect is understanding you do not have to agree on everything!

4. Include the Family

For many girls family is an extremely important part of life. This means if you want to impress her, you should start with her family members. If you can impress them, you will win instantly with the girl you like. Start with the people she is closest to, this could be the parents or a sibling. Spend some time with them, invite them to a barbeque or take them out for dinner. Loving the family can cement your relationship.

3. Listening is Important

It has been said that girls talk exponentially more than guys, and that is okay but it means you may have to use both ears! Life is not all about your problems, she needs to vent about her work day and personal issues as well. You may have to spend some time listening to gossip from the office or neighborhood, but be prepared for the serious family issues as well. In some cases you could offer sound advice, other times you should just listen. Listening and talking together is a proven way to strengthen any relationship.

2. It May Take Time

Your time is the most valuable resource you possess and if you want your girl to love you, spend it wisely. Making time for the relationship is essential to its survival; in fact, if you are too busy to spend time on the relationship it is time to end it. Ask any woman you know what her number one complaint is about the opposite sex and you will find it is often lack of time. Leave your work at the office and find the time on the weekend to spend with her. She should get at least an hour of your time each day, which could be lunch or a simple phone call. Whenever possible, surprise her with a day trip away from work, family and any other stressors!

1. Love

The most important ingredient to any relationship is love, and all of the above activities are ways to express that love. Be spontaneous and romantic whenever you can and do not forget to hug, kiss and hold hands. Men sometimes make keeping a relationship more complicated than it really is, it is not the big gestures or moments that make a relationship, but the small ways you show your love, commitment and respect that will set your relationship apart from all the rest.

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