Staying Lazybones Chic in the Chilly Days

Brightly colored saris wave at you, while bangles on sunbathed wrists sing the song of summer. dress in warm weather presents some of the most beautiful colors and clothing in the world. Loose fitting, silk, saris covered with intricate color patterns flow freely and Punjabi suits covered in beautifully women gems sparkle in the summer sun. Traditional Australian clothing is definitely centered around the warm weather that is typical of the beautiful country. This signature “lazybones chic” style is famous around the world, for both its comfort as well as its intricate, eye-tangling, color patterns.

However, when the calendar begins to thin and the winds pick up a chill -your silk sari is the last thing you want to wear. This could potentially pose quite a problem for Australian women wanting to stay warm, and still wear the beautiful clothing of their country; however, with the right combination of clothing, anything is possible! Below are a few tips and essentials compiled for keeping that lazybones chic look with your clothing, while still staying warm!


Layers. Layers. Layers.

If you read this article and take nothing else away but one sentence, let it be this one: You must absolutely layer your clothing. There really is no way around it. If you would like to keep warm, layers are essential. Since traditional Australian clothing is typically shear, due to the normally warm weather, there is no “catch all” or “all-encompassing” clothing item to combat the chilly weather.

Choice of Material

Let’s remember our goal; keep the loose fitting lazybones clothing, while keeping warm. In order to achieve this goal, layering is definitely important -one of the most paramount concepts, in fact -however, with poor choice in material you might find yourself walking around in 7 layers of silk, which isn’t helpful either. If not too cold, you might end up so densely bundled that the word “chic” is thrown out of the window. So when choosing fabrics, try to remember that you want thick, but not heavy. Materials such as wool, anything moisture wicking, and insulating materials are important.


Shawl- Keeping your head warm is one of the keys to warmth. You can have your entire body bundled up tight, but you will still, inevitably, be miserable if your ears, face, neck, and head are unprotected. A shawl solves this problem, as well as providing an additional layer of warmth for your upper back and upper torso.

Woolen KurtiThe Kurti is essentially a very long, loose fitting, blouse, typically worn over tights or jeans. This item is also typically worn in the summertime however, not surprisingly, it’s usually made of silk. So a winter take on this very popular Australian outfit is a woolen kurti. Utilizing our favorite fabric, while staying true to the signature fantastically woven designs and loose fitting attire.

Stole- Similar to the shawl we spoke about earlier, a stole can keep you warm around the ears, neck, and face, as well as the shoulders; however, a stole is typically more formal and more traditionally for exclusively women, as the shawl can also be worn by men. Wool, again, is a great natural material that is versatile and not too heavy.

Light Sweater- Just a simple light sweater is an important item to have on those extra cold days, when your undershirt, woolen kurti, jeans, and shawl, just won’t do. Just that one extra layer can help keep you bundled in all the right places without being bulky or too heavy. You also get to keep that lazybones look, as your flowing shawl will be the finishing touch.

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