Puzzles, Adventures, and Days Out

Puzzles are enjoying a 21st century renaissance, thanks to escape rooms, and smartphone powered clue trails and scavenger hunts. Today we’re looking at how you can incorporate this craze into a day out – whether it’s family fun, or for an audience of friends who are going to be wondering how far the next clue is from a pub!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are still rising in popularity – only barely slowed by the pandemic, with big entertainment brands like TV’s Sherlock and Doctor Who adding an additional lustre to the puzzles and storytelling the form has already polished.

They’re a great choice to make the centrepiece of a day out – and often popular for stag and hen dos, as well as work events, for the way they get people working together and bonding. They’re not always as suitable for families though, depending on the content and the age of the children – very young kids may be bored if they’re not able to contribute much to the puzzle solving.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts offer a little more flexibility – you can find one more closely tailored to the needs and interests of your group, their ages, and where you want to explore. If you want a well-connected exploration with plenty of stops in watering holes then it’s worth looking into the sort of urban scavenger hunt London, Manchester, Edinburgh and other cities across the UK can host.

If you’re more interested in a day out with your family in the countryside or around a smaller town or village, look for rural scavenger hunts, focussed on wildlife and local history. These may be more suitable for a family day out, and give some direction to what would otherwise merely be a walk.

Whichever you choose, a modern scavenger hunt comes with more responsiveness and interactivity than an old fashioned matchbox A-Z challenge. From getting tips via SMS to branching pathways based on your decisions to storytelling and prizes, it becomes almost an augmented reality experience!

Playing at Home

The last few years of Covid restrictions have seen a spate of innovation in these fields, allowing people to play escape room and scavenger hunt adjacent activities at home, from boxes packed with puzzles and narrative to online challenges.

And of course, for a day fully tailored to your family, you can create your own! A scavenger hunt you put together yourself doesn’t need to be complex – the fact that it’s fully personal makes it more than exciting enough to compensate!

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