Palm Springs: A Perfect Holiday Retreat

Are you having a lot of hard days at work? Are your loved ones complaining too much about how your vacation plans never pan out? Do you think the weekends come a little too late and end a little too fast while all you are left doing is catching up on some much-needed sleep? Sounds like you are in terrible need of a short and sweet holiday retreat. Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution for you, and the solution is called Palm Springs vacation home. Chances are, you have already heard about how awesome this place actually is. And it is quite awesome given its hot springs, glamourous and luxurious hotels, spaced out and huge golf courses and completely rejuvenating spas. If it is a tranquil getaway you are looking for, trust me the Palm Springs in Florida is your go to destination.


So, let’s start planning for your perfect, little vacation. Tickets to the destination won’t be a problem at all since it is a popular tourist destination, there are a lot of transportation options available depending on your current location. Accommodation is not a problem given there are vacation homes in Palm Springs up for rent almost throughout the year. The deals for these rental homes vary according to your budget mostly. If you are willing to splurge, you can be put up in an A list resort with a sprawling, vast golf course arena and can even end up doing some celeb spotting given Hollywood stars often visit the Palm Springs a lot in a bid to let their hair down. And when it comes to food, the menu on offer always manages to surprise you with the absolutely lip-smacking dishes up for grabs.

Now let’s guide you through your perfect holiday and see what all you must try out here in the Palm Springs. First things first, the West Palm beach is where all the action is so you must concentrate on the things that you must try there in order to have a successful vacation.

The West Palm Beach, firstly, has a stunning waterfront and you can indulge in your fair share of refreshing water sports while you are here. Surfing, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving and many other activities can be done here and it might just be a perfect day for you to be out in the sun with your near and dear ones. Apart from that you can do these things when you are in the Palm Springs

Take a Gondola Ride

All you have to do, is basically, stroll up to the Tramway Road and get into a car inside an angular 1963 station, and you will find yourself marvelling the entire Coachella valley. The temperature drop is a pleasant surprise and you can spend a day here enjoying a deliciously hot meal at any mountain top restaurant. For adventure lovers, this tour provides an opportunity to hike into the deeper corners of the San Jacinto Mountains.

Have a Desert Zoo Experience

The Palm Springs are located in the middle of the Sonoran Desert and it is only given that we would like you to visit the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens located just at the outskirts of the place. This outdoor abyss is vast and one can spot many wild cats, or an assortment of hoofed mammals having their day out in the sun when here. If your kids are accompanying you in this trip, this place should be a must visit on your itinerary.

Experience Visiting an Air Museum

Have you ever had the feeling into delving into the history of a place you are visiting? Well, in the Palm Springs Air Museum, you are in for a great deal if you are a history buff. The place is actually a memoir for a lot of the aircrafts that were used during the World War II and the Vietnam-Korea warfare. There are fighter jets, B -17 flying fortress, C 47 and PBY Catalina Flying Boat. If you are into flying and fighting, this one is surely your deal.

Discover the Art Lover’s Paradise

From Henry Moore to Henry Moore, to Helen Frankenthaler you will find a lot of art, which includes, painting, sculptures, art glass etcetera at the Palm Springs Art Museum. If you are in for a trip to discover yourself and discover the art native to each place, this Museum is an ideal pick. The exhibitions that are held here often display the art that is inspired from the theme deserts which are modernism, Native Americans as well as the American West. Works of several west coast artists are also on display over here. Don’t miss the chance to spend a day strolling around this exquisitely charming place.

Visit the Tahquitz Canyon

If you don’t want to miss the chance of spotting flowing water in the middle of a desert you should never skip your visit to the Tahquitz Canyon. This the place where a two-mile-long loop gives its way to a 50-foot-tall waterfall. The Aqua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Reservations is technically in charge of the falls as it comes under their area, so you will have to pay an admission fee to enter the place. However, the good part about the fee is that it actually contributes to the maintenance of the trail, unlike a lot of waterfalls around world. If you are in for a ranger led hike, it is game here.

There are a lot of other places in Palm Springs that we would definitely like you to visit, like the illustrious Sunnylands or the charming Moorten Botanical Garden or even the fun and quirky Cabazon Dinosaurs, but make sure that whatever you do, you do not miss the West Palm Beach. All the best for the holiday, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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