Myths about Studying Abroad Debunked

Although there are more and more students who decide to study abroad, there are still lots who miss out on the fantastic opportunity. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of people have misunderstandings about these programs, or even believe in downright myths. ISEP Study Abroad (, has decided to address these myths individually.

MYTH #1 – Only people who are bilingual can go on these programs

You will certainly make your life easier if you go to a country where you speak the native language. However, you will also severely limit your opportunities. You can always take conversation classes while you are there, or use a guidebook. Plus, most study courses are delivered in English anyway.

MYTH #2 – You have to be rich to study abroad

Again, not true. The price difference between abroad programs and programs in this country is minimal. Hence, you will not actually be any more out of pocket by attending this type of school. Plus, you can always try to apply for a scholarship, or even set up a Go Fund Me page.

MYHT #3 – Graduating abroad takes much longer

It is very important that you plan your trip abroad properly. If you do so together with your domestic university, you can make sure that you do not fall behind by going to a different school for a set period of time. Alternatively, you have the opportunity of completing a study abroad program during your summer break, which means you do not lose any time at all. The only reason why a degree would take longer to complete abroad is if they have a different curriculum, which highlights why it is so important for you to do your research.

MYTH #4 – The study abroad courses don’t count back home

Many universities now cooperate with exchange student programs in place. This means that any courses you complete there will also be relevant here. If your school does not have an exchange program, you can look into the accreditation of the program you want to complete, and find out whether it is recognized here.

MYTH #5 – Studying abroad is dangerous

There are always stories of students getting murdered or robbed while they study abroad. However, far more students get murdered and robbed right here. You just don’t hear about it, because it is so commonplace. So long as you have common sense, you will be as safe, if not safer, abroad.

MYTH #6 – Studying abroad is only interesting for junior students

Again, this is completely untrue. Universities that accept international students are focused strongly on diversity. They also keep their degrees in tune with the respected ones all over the world. Hence, you can complete courses whenever you want.

MYTH #7 – Studying abroad is only suitable for post-graduate students

You can study abroad at every level, from associate’s degree to doctoral degree. While it is certainly true that there a lot of programs that focus specifically on MBA students, there are also many that offer other degree programs.

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