Maintain your pleasure of boating – Things to consider before buying an yacht

For the uber-rich, yachts are the like the toys for ultimate joy. They can don everything from a helipad to a Jacuzzi. But have you ever thought what exactly it takes to own such a mega yacht apart from oodles of cash? In case you’re someone who has owned a boat since long time now, you would know that owning a boat is indeed a costly affair. You got to make the right decisions about the cost of the initial purchase and that of long-term ownership too within your financial means and this is one of the most important factors of owning a yacht. It is in fact very tough to own a boat when it leads to an unexpected drainage of your finances. Are you someone who is about to buy your first yacht or boat? If answered yes, here are some factors that you need to take into account.

  • A totally customizable yacht might not be the best option: While it is definitely possible to customize your yacht and build it from the scratch according to your own wish, experts recommend you to opt for the semi-custom route. Initially, the ship yard will already bear a construction plan in mind and hence you can start customizing from there. That will be a rather better option.
  • Following advice of experts will help in long run: If you opt for the semi-customization route, the base of the yacht has already been constructed by a ship yard and this clearly means that there won’t be too many operational concerns. Personally, people before buying a yacht wish to opt for something which is trustworthy enough and has got a proven track record. Hence, it is always better to follow the advice of the experts so that there are fewer chances of committing a mistake.
  • Make sure you check the design choice: Experts suggest buyers to take into account the design process of a yacht before buying it. If you decide to buy a yacht which can travel 20 knots, you should also remember the fact that it will consume more fuel than a 12 knot boat and hence you might have to spend more on such a boat. A boat that is fancier will also have less space for all your fancy toys.
  • Ensure taking it for a test drive: After you negotiate with the seller about the price, ensure taking it out for a test drive so that you can give it a sea trial. This should be done at your expense so that you get of how it works and how it feels when you ride it on the sea. Get a survey team to inspect the boat for engineering and mechanical issues.

Apart from following the above mentioned points, you should also check the sail cover of the yacht or the boat so that you know everything important that you require about your boat. The more you’re sure about your yacht, the more satisfied you can be.

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