Locales with the best photo ops in North Carolina

There are many beautiful spots across America, but some places get more attention than others. While many visitors from abroad head straight to the American Rockies, California and New York City, states like North Carolina go unnoticed despite their amazing beauty.

Over the years, John Bradberry Charlotte NC has become a photography enthusiast because of his home state’s visual diversity, as there are many places there that offer the potential for stunning shots.

If you are due to pass through here in the near future, check out the following destinations if it is your wish to fill up your camera with some amazing scenes.


1) Blue Ridge Parkway

This parkway wends its way along North Carolina’s scenic Appalachian spine, where billion year old mountains wall off the Eastern Seaboard from the American heartland.

Along its slopes, there are an abundance of hardwood trees, which change color into a spectacular collage of red, orange, and yellow as summer gives way to autumn.

All along this route, there are pull offs where you can capture this show along with all the marvelous mountain scenery that makes this part of North Carolina a prime photographic attraction.


2) Cape Lookout National Seashore

Once you have finished experiencing the beauty of North Carolina’s highest places, flip to the opposite extreme by making your way to its finest stretches of coast.

Make Cape Lookout National Seashore your first destination, as this federally protected land has plenty of wild ponies, undisturbed beaches, and lighthouses to keep your shutter snapping throughout your visit here.

Birders will have plenty of subjects to photograph, as there is no shortage of laughing gulls, black skimmers, and brown pelicans within the bounds of this park.


3) The Outer Banks

After your time at Cape Lookout National Seashore, be sure to take your time exploring the rest of the Outer Banks.

A series of barrier islands formed from the eternal ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of dunes, sea grass, and salty summer communities to photograph in this interesting corner of North Carolina.

Don’t forget your wide angle lens to capture sweeping shots, and if you have a drone, this would be a fantastic place to take it out for a spin while you are in North Carolina.


4) Biltmore Estate

The South is famous for its many grand estates; of them, the Biltmore Estate is perhaps the finest of all.

Constructed by George Vanderbilt II in the late 19th century, the opulence of this place is reminiscent of palaces found throughout Europe.

While reactions to this concentration of wealth depends on who you ask, there is no denying that its sweeping forecourt, fountains, and epic interior makes for endless photographic fodder.


5) Charlotte

End your tour of North Carolina in Charlotte. A city that has seen explosive growth in the 21st century due to its burgeoning financial sector, there are plenty of captivating subjects in its central business district, with its skyline being one of the best in the Southeast.

Those looking for the best vantage points will want to set up in Marshall Park, as combination of greenery and the steel, glass, and concrete of downtown will make for some powerful shots.



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