Larry Polhill Cafe Valley – Where to Invest Your Money


There are two different types of investors in this World, there are the big guns like Larry Polhill Cafe Valley Chairman and big time investor in acquisitions and start ups, and there are the people like you and I who are just trying to boost our financial situation a little. Whilst the figures that are talked about between the two different types of investors doffer greatly, the methods remain the same.

I am often asked by friends and family where I think they should be investing their money and the truth is that I cannot possibly tell them, I can’t predict the market nor do I understand how much money they have to play with or which markets they understand best. When I am asked this question, I simply show them where I invest my money and let them go from there and I will do the same for you in this article.

Oil Futures

I spent my career in the oil industry so I already had a pretty good understanding of how the industry, and more importantly its markets, worked. Oil futures are contacts which can be bought and sold which offer a price of oil on an expiration date in the future. When this contract expires, if the price of oil is higher in reality than it is on your contract then you can guarantee the price that you have on your contract. I have never actually let a contract expire, I much prefer to trade it on when the oil price looks good and this has made me some steady profit.

Real Estate

I bought a vacation home a few years back with some severance money which I received and unbeknown to me, it appreciated in value by over 200%! The family did use the vacation home but I couldn’t turn down that kind of money so I sold it and bought 3 more properties across Miami. I like that I can receive regular monthly income by way of rental as I wait for the price to rise, at which point I will most certainly be selling up and investing again. If you know your way around the industry then you could also do what my friend does which is looking for cheap properties which need some TLC, give them a makeover and then flip them for a great profit.

Stocks and Shares

My most recent investments have been in stocks and shares, I understand enough about the industry to invest but I am still finding my way. Because of my lack of experience in the market I am currently just investing in blue chip stocks which are paying me a small amount of profit. I am not making much money yet as I am taking a pretty risk averse strategy but I know that in a year or two I will start to gamble a little harder on the market and see how much money I can make.

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