John Clemenza – The Foundations for Good Health Start With You

The medical industry is the largest public and private business in the world. It alone accounts for trillions of dollars that is spent when treatments, hospitals, medicines, medical devices, and medical professionals. Humans are machines like all machines eventually run into problems, or need servicing. When this happens we turn to the medical profession for assistance.


When we talk to doctors like John Clemenza, they usually say that we need to do more to prevent the types of ailments that we are experiencing. An approach towards preventing saves money, time, and pain, and it also confirms to us that we are to a large extent in control of our own personal health and that if we started taking care of our health while in high school, we would probably be in better physical shape.


Television, magazines, and the internet are filled with amazing and informative information about what we should do to have good health. Some might argue but there’s too much information available, and the effect of our being bombarded by so much on the same topic is that we get confused and instead of acting, we do nothing.  Adding to this is the fact that much of the information is contradictory. So what should one do when there are two exactly opposite views, and he is being espoused by an expert?


Although there is a new help strategy appearing every week it seems, what never changes are the basics.  And by adhering to these basics we can be sure that we are doing the right things to keep ourselves healthy. So no matter what you might here, or what new diet or exercise fad you may be presented with, if you stick with the basics, you are doing the things that you should to improve your health.


Find Time to Relax


We all know how stress negatively affects us. It causes everything from our neurological, to hour digestive, do our circulatory systems to work extremely hard causing them to in some cases completely collapse. Stress also raises blood pressure which causes a host problems throughout the body. Most people live lives there cause them to stretch the time and other resources. In doing so, they take on too much stress. But we have to find strategies to help us relieve the stress or it will negatively impact our house. Meditation, long walks, yoga, and other proven methods of stress reduction are definitely recommended. Best of all these can be done at little or no cost.


Eat a healthy diet


Eating right is critical for maintaining your health. The body needs good nutrition and clean water to function properly. Diets are not recommended because they typically deprive the body of needed nutrients and negatively affect your energy levels. A smart of course of action is to eat 3 smaller meals every day with healthy snacks in between.


This alone will help you to both moderate your weight as well as lower blood pressure. If you’re very smart about what you eat, you can also control your blood sugar levels and potentially avoid debilitating diseases like diabetes. If your schedule does not allow you to eat in this fashion, consider taking supplements which can replace the nutrients you are not getting from your meals. Be sensible about what you eat. Fast food taste great but has virtually no nutritional value and is loaded with bad fats, sugar and preservatives.


Finally exercise several times a week is extremely important and will definitely give a shot in the arm to your health regimen. Be moderate in your approach, but do it consistently and it will lead to better health.


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