Is Your Relationship Always a Battle Over Money?

For many couples, money stands as the number one roadblock to a healthy relationship.

What are you and your significant other doing to try and remove what can become a huge obstacle over time?

For some couples, the simple solution is to have what are his and her bank accounts.

In doing so, there is much less risk of a major financial argument breaking out again and again. If this sounds like you, one might assume you make sure there is enough money to go towards shared expenses.

For others, the solution tends to be having a joint checking account for all mutual bills. These include rent, utilities, food etc. Outside of the account, two can have their own money to spend as they like.

No matter how you and your partner handle money needs, the goal is to handle any and all financial debts in your life.

Not doing so tends to open up the door to not only money issues, but oftentimes physical and emotional ones.

Sitting down to discuss money matters

In approaching your significant other about money matters, look to focus on:

  1. Debts

If one or both partners come into a relationship with sizable debts, trouble can take shape.

While your personal debt should be your first focus, you may be able to offer advice or even help to your partner.

It is important to remember that his or her long-term debt can end up impacting you over time. As such, do your best to understand how they got into this situation in the first place.

By being more pro-active moving forward, one can stay out of such problems. For instance, this means paying more than only the smallest allowed on a monthly credit card. Otherwise, that bill will be around for many years to come.

One or both of you may also have some debts you’re not even aware of or give little interest in paying off. As such, the interest charges alone can be quite cumbersome over time.

Whether owing taxes or an outstanding traffic ticket, debts can eat into a bank account.

If you’re not sure you have such outstanding debts, a little online searching can oftentimes do the trick.

  1. Deals

What individual doesn’t like to get their hands on a deal?

That said you should both do your best to locate bargains whenever possible.

This can include:

  • Clipping coupons

Whenever savings is a possibility, do your best to get it. In doing so, you can lessen your monthly expenses. That in turn allows both of you to have more money to put towards common interests like a vacation etc.

For those prospective deals, always be sure to determine that you are in fact getting a deal and not taken for a ride.

An example of this would be if you’re thinking of buying a used car. Although it is cheaper than a new one, what will you be receiving for your money?

One way to learn more about a vehicle is to do some online research once again.

If in Los Angeles and wanting to buy a vehicle, use the web in searching for a California license plate number. That search more times than not will lead you to find out more info about the intended vehicle.

Among the items of interest:

  • Age of vehicle
  • How much mileage
  • If it has been in any serious accidents

Relationships are in essence a full-time job.

With that being the case, make sure you and your partner do all you can to never let money drive you apart.



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