How to Find a Good Clinic for Anti-Aging Treatment

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market today. It helps to relax facial muscles, thereby stopping them from forming wrinkles and fine lines. Generally speaking, the effects last about three months, after which it has to be repeated. The procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete and is virtually painless. If you want to have a Botox treatment done, you do have to find a good clinic. The following 10 tips will help you do that.

10 Tips for Good Clinics

  1. Make sure that the Botox is administered by a trained and registered professional who is qualified to work with Botox.
  2. Make sure that the practitioner is registered with the relevant state health board.
  3. Make sure that your physician has medical indemnity insurance. This ensures that, if something does go wrong, you will be properly looked after.
  4. Botox treatments are now offered not just in medical clinics like cosmetic offices, dental clinics, and dental offices. They are also offered in a variety of other places, including department stores, hairdressers, and salons. In fact, you can even host a Botox party. While this may seem attractive due to its convenience and price, the reality is that you should avoid these places because those administering the Botox are usually not properly trained.
  5. Before you have a procedure completed, try to find out how well used the clinic is. This is particularly important if you do decide to go to a beauty salon, for instance. If there is a steady flow of customers, then it is likely that they deliver a good service.
  6. Check whether the clinic you are considering also offers other non-surgical cosmetic procedures to the face. A salon that offers Botox and dermal fillers, for instance, is more likely to be of good quality than a salon that offers Botox and ear piercings.
  7. Check whether the clinic has offices in other parts of the city, or even further afield.
  8. Make sure you can have a free, no obligation consultant first, when you can ask any questions you are interested in, and find out everything that is involved in completing the treatment.
  9. Only go to a clinic with an excellent aftercare and follow up service. It will take about two weeks before the full effects of the Botox are visible, and you have to make sure that someone checks whether the result is right. Some small areas may have been missed, for instance. A good clinic will ask you to come back and check whether the job has been done properly.
  10. Understand your charges. Some clinics will ask you to pay by the unit, others by the area. Some clinics will also charge more for men, because their facial muscles are stronger and they need a higher dosage.

Try not to be attracted by very low prices. While a cheap price does mean that Botox is more affordable, it doesn’t mean that your results will be good. There is nothing worse than a botched Botox job.

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