Fashion Myths

The word “myth” brings many thoughts to our mind and some can be incredibly silly. For instance, as kids, one famous myth was that if you eat the seeds of fruits, a tree will grow in your stomach! And when it comes to fashion, it would seem that some people still stick to common myths. But most of them are false and you should wear whatever you want to!  Here are some fashion myths which you can beat.


Black and Blue

Black and blue often get a bad strike because they are moreover the same shade, and it can be hard to tell them apart. It is true that a black on navy pants looks a little dowdy. But you can still wear these by pairing them in a nice way. If you are wearing black and blue, contrast the look with red heels and red lipstick. Or you can opt for a lighter shade of blue which will add value to the black shirt.
Gold and Silver

We all know that gold and silver are the two main metallic colours. But many people don’t like to pair them. Does that mean if you have a golden wedding band, you are doomed not to wear a silver pair of jewellery ever again? NO! In many jewellery stores, you will see many ornaments which are the perfect mix of gold and silver. Now, if you are choosing the look yourself, make sure to add more than one piece of each, so that it looks intentional. Try mixing gold and silver bangles or same size of gold and silver necklaces, to make a good combination.

Horizontal Stripes

We have all heard that horizontal stripes make you look fat and heavy as the stripes draw the eyes across the body. But as a study by the University of New York, people look at others who wear horizontal stripes as thinner. Like any other piece of clothing, stripes draw attention to the body part on which they are worn. You can wear a blazer or cardigan to reduce the area where stripes are being seen. But when you’re playing online bingo at Lucky Pants Bingo, you can be in your most comfortable clothes, even in your pyjamas.

Tall Woman and Heels

Heels are not just for making women look taller as they also make your legs look great. Plus, they add a little strut to the way you walk and they class up your look. And, with the amazing variety of heels that we have today, why should tall women limit their options? Many tall women discard heels for flats, but that’s not fair. If you are comfortable with your height, there’s no use of ditching heels to please others.

Short Women and Long Dresses

This myth is based on the simple fact when you should show some leg, your body will be elongated. But it doesn’t mean that if you are short, you shouldn’t be wearing long dresses. If you feel it’s better, you can add some heels to boost your look.




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