Fair Trade Clothing

Fair trade clothing is a different approach to trading internationally which is helping artisans that create clothing a better opportunity. The clothing is not from a large factory but often made in a small home or business by local women. The idea behind the fair trade clothing is known as a holistic approach where a fair wage is paid to the workers as well as building a stronger relationship within the community and maintaining cultural traditions.

The best reason to purchase fair trade clothing is the wonderful styles you will be able to wear that are hand crafted. This means that each item is created by hand by artisans that often have had the craft passed down from generation to generation. When you purchase these items, you are not only getting some of the hottest fashions but also helping women and artisans work their way out of poverty.  Dsenyo works with more than 90 producer partners in Malawi, Africa and Northeastern, Brazil to bring you the best styles on the market in the way of fair trade clothing.

When purchasing fair trade clothing you want to use a company that also has a commitment to the environment, which includes using sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, jute, and buriti palm as well as low impact dyes as well as other factors. Companies that offer fair trade clothing are helping families work their way out of poverty while providing them the aid they need in building their business, via support, training, and the materials needed to complete orders. In the majority of cases especially with Dsenyo all partners are given a fair local wage that is equivalent to the salary of a teacher, which is close to four times above the minimum wage in the area.

Not only do these women have the opportunity to increase their income and help their families, but they also receive business and technical training as well as order management. Many of these women are using the money they earn to provide a better education for their children or for improving their community.

Fair trade clothing is a wonderful opportunity not only for the families that are seeing a brighter future but also for those that purchase the clothing. The unique styles, designs, and artisanship cannot be duplicated and offer the wearer eco-friendly clothing that are fashionable.

If you are looking for that perfect outfit for yourself or for a friend, fair trade clothing could be exactly what you want. Remember, you will not only be obtaining a stylish outfit, but you will be helping a family fight the plight of poverty and provide a brighter future for their children. Fair trade clothing are affordable, stylish, and of course unique. Start looking at your options for the upcoming season and look your best. All of your friends will be envious and will want to know where you found such a cute skirt or top. Let me know so the word spreads about fair trade clothing and help a family at the same. Click here to shop for fair trade clothing.

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