Elegant and Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

The sources to find the best blooms for your buck that are available in different seasons, colors and sizes is wedding flowers and bouquets Sydney. Whether you’re looking to create a lush romantic arrangement or festive unstructured bouquet, this florist can help you achieve the look you want without compromising your finances.

1. Alstroemeria

Also known as Peruvian Lily, this patterned flower comes in more than 150 different color and marking combinations, ranging from white, to golden yellow, red, pink, and purple. Blooming season: late spring or early summer

2. Baby’s breath

Lots of brides like baby’s breath in big mounds alone. It looks gorgeous with long, trailing pastel-colored ribbons for a more ethereal bride, and it’s nice to make flower crowns that are quite delicate and airy. Blooming season: summer

3. Carnation

Carnations typically have an appearance or two at weddings because of their lengthy, sturdy set which is great for tall arrangements and their reputation as one of the longest-lasting blooms after being cut .They also have unique serrated petals which add a great shape to a bouquet. Blooming season: late spring

4. Chrysanthemum

Otherwise known as mums, these pompom-like blooms have lush, exotic blossoms in multiple colors—without the extravagant price tag. Just be sure to specify which type of stem you prefer: Florist mums are the big, spidery blossoms, while garden mums are smaller, more compact flowers. Blooming season: late summer and fall

5. Daisy

For a cheery springtime bouquet, white daisies are a great go-to—whether they’re being used as a filler flower or making up the entire arrangement. They naturally grow white blossoms, but thanks to food coloring they can be tinted purple, blue, and neon green… almost any color under the rainbow. Blooming season: late spring

6. Freesia

For an extra long-lasting blossom, consider this fragrant flower—freesia can last up to three weeks in a vase! As many as eight blooms grow on one stalk, and they come in multiple colors ranging from white, yellow, red, purple, and pink. Blooming season: spring

7. Gladiolus

If centerpieces with height are what you’re going for, this tall, ornate blossom fits the bill. It can grow between two and six feet tall, it comes in a range of colors and is striking enough to stand on its own. Blooming season: summer

8. Queen Anne’s lace

Queen Anne’s lace adds beautiful texture when mixed in with other blooms in a bouquet and can be the ‘green’ for the bride who doesn’t want a lot of greenery in her bouquet,.It’s easily mistaken for baby’s breath because of the small white blossoms, but their flat-topped clusters set them apart. Blooming season: late spring

9. Sunflower

There’s something about sunflowers that just make you feel happy. Big, bright petals add great color to any arrangement. Or take advantage of their strong stalks and place them in unexpected locations around your venue. Blooming season: summer

10. Wax Flower

Since there are so many blooms on each stem, this little Valley of the Lily look like flower make a great filler for bouquets, corsages, bouts, or centerpieces, and come in a range of two-tone colors. Blooming season: spring, summer and fall.

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