Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC: Why Plastic Surgery Procedures Have Increased in Raleigh

Facelifts and other procedures like rhinoplasties are increasing in popularity in places like Raleigh, North Carolina today. This is partly due to the worldwide trend of people using surgical means to improve their looks and look younger.


Reasons for Increase in Rhinoplasties


In terms of improving one’s looks, beauty is always one of the biggest and fastest growing businesses. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year by women and men from Raleigh to Berlin and everywhere in between. New beauty treatments and treatment centers tout the latest potions and procedures aimed at making one look like a movie star or hot singer.

At the center of it all is the nose which also occupies the center of the face. The nose is a common target for surgery because very few people have a nose that fit their idea of perfection. They have a vision of what they want to see and must have it.


Reasons for Increase in Facelifts


Regarding looking younger, one of the first things to show age on many people is their face. The skin can sag and look lifeless causing someone to really show their age or even look much older. The market for skin tightening and age-defying creams has skyrocketed because people (mostly women), want to hold back time and even take some years off their looks.


These creams can have a positive effect, but the effects are typically mild and do not last a whole day. The option is to either carry around these expensive creams, or develop a regimen to put them on every few hours, or to find a more permanent solution. A facelift can provide a long term and even semi-permanent solution.


Prices Are Now Reasonable


Another reason these surgeries have become so popular is because they have become cost effective. Stein Plastic Surgery is an example of a clinic in the Raleigh area that offer services for much less than they used to cost. Patients now have a much better chance at hiring a quality plastic surgeon and not having it cost them their entire life savings. In some cases insurance might even come some or all of the bill.


The Results are Better than Before


Facelifts and rhinoplasties are performed on tens of thousands of patients each year in the US. In fact these surgeries are some of the most often performed. And nearly every city and large town has a reputable plastic surgeon operating. For instance, Dr. Adam Stein Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon provides fist-class cosmetic surgery services to the Raleigh community.


Also, the technology has also increased to the point where mapping out procedures and providing a look at what the end result will be is commonplace. Unlike in previous decades, now nearly the vast majority of patient is completely satisfied with the results.


As people in the Raleigh area continue their desires to be young and beautiful, the focus on plastic surgery treatments will remain high, with facelifts and rhinoplasties remaining particularly popular.


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