Common Mistakes that Advertisers Make

The people in Phoenix are busy as the streets. Some are trying to tackle their daily home challenges, while others are trying to figure out their future making smart decisions on their daily basis. Distracting these people into reading and taking an action to visit your massage parlor is a tough nut for anyone to crack. However, when done right, you can yield quality results always, without a struggle.

The common mistake that most business owners make is to assume that their customers require their body rubs services, and by just building the facility, many people will come. On the contrary, people require to be persuaded into visiting your salon. They are either hooked into something else, or someone who offers the same services as you do. Your job is to make them feel as if paying you a visit should be their greatest priority — using an urgency, and that the visit wouldn’t take much of their time.

However, here are some common mistakes that most masseuses and masseurs make.

  • Assuming that your Prospect Knows You

The greatest mistake that you can make is to assume that everyone can understand exactly what you do, and how you do it simply by looking at your logo. While adverts may seem to be more than just a logo, and they should, most people make them appear so. They do this by placing only their logo, brand name, and a catchy tagline.

When readers read these type of advertisements, they normally assume that you offer substandard qualities, which are nothing special compared to their current go-to masseuses. Your target should be to preach on the benefits that you provide, which make you better than their current alternatives.

  • Focusing on Your Sensual Massage Business Than Clients

Let your customers know what they’ll get for choosing your services. It’s not about what your massage business is, but rather what your customer’s get in return for their money.

However, if your advertisement features testimonials from customers explaining a benefit, which they ripped from your business, an addition of the core advantages and options that they can access, and a minimum value, your customers are more likely to navigate to your website to find out more.

  • Trying to be Entertaining

Another great mistake is trying to be creative, instead of delivering value. Remember, you are a masseuse or masseur and you don’t run a talent or amusement agency. You are, therefore, supposed to offer a professional tone and deliver the value, which your customer needs.

However, do not use jargon words in an effort to be taken seriously. Offer the right value proposition giving the right message to your prospects in their common language.

  • Mentioning Competitors in your Advertisements

Lastly, do not mention other competitors in your advertisements if they offer a more diverse body rubs than you. Simply find their weakness and make it your strong-hold. For instance, if your competitors offer expensive body rubs around Phoenix, you can approach your prospects with a value proposition such as a “The most affordable quality body rubs services in Phoenix.” This helps you stand out, pin-point your unique selling points, and the advantages of visiting your website.


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