Choosing Vintage Over New

There are some people out there that everything they have has to be brand new and they do not like to have older things or even second hand things. This snobbish attitude can mean that they miss out on not only some great items, but also on things which have a real history and beauty of their own, with craftsmanship that you do not see very often in the modern age. This does mean that there is more available for the rest f us though, so we will let them have their new and modern shiny things whilst we appreciate the timeless beauty of the many classic pieces that are available out there. One thing with fashion as well is that it goes in circles. This means what is old and outdated one day, will eventually come back in fashion at some point!





Image by alexkerhead via flickr

There has always been a market for antique and vintage watches. A classic time piece with quartz movement is far more appealing than a cheap digital watch (Think of an elegant Rolex Jubilee band watch versus a cheap Casio digital watch). The quality of the build quite often surpasses what is available on the market today as well. So you not only get something which looks great but it works better than a modern one and can keep just as accurate time as a modern quartz movement watch. There are many different styles and also makes of watches that are available and there is something which will suit most tastes and also budgets.

  • Rolex Jubilee band
  • Omega Watch
  • Longines Watch
  • Girard Perregaux Watch
  • Raymond Weil Watch

All of these are well known models of antique watches and the price can vary quite considerably. The materials used will also affect the price as well. Depending on the age of the watch, you may wish to see provenance to make sure that the watch is exactly what it is declared to be. Getting an independent evaluation of the watch is a good idea as well, especially f you are investing a lot of money in something like a vintage Rolex watch. Making sure that you buy from an honest and reliable dealer is also very important as well, and you will be able to find out information on them if you look on the internet.



Antique jewellery is something that is very popular, and you will find a lot of it available on the market. From broaches to necklaces there are all sorts of items that people like to purchase and enjoy. As mentioned previously, you can find antique items that are better quality than anything which is produced today and this shows in the way that they can last for so long. A lot of modern jewellery is of a much lesser quality and would probably not last for 100 years. You should always be careful when looking to buy an antique though as there are people out there who will try and rip you off. Making sure you only buy from a reputable source is essential as well as checking things out thoroughly before you commit to making a purchase. As with anything antique, if at all possible get provenance to make sure that it is what it is declared to be and comes from where it is said to come from. This is not always available but does offer piece of mind if you can get it. Alternatively you can get things independently appraised which will help to verify exactly what it is that you are looking to purchase. With some antique jewellery, the price can be very reasonable and depending on the history of the piece and also style and design, you may find that you are not paying that much more than the market price for the precious stones or metals themselves. Just because, something is old, it does not always mean that you pay a lot of money for it. Remember that the cost of something is only as much as the worth that someone is willing to pay for it. There are stupid people out there that are willing to pay over the odds. These are usually people that have more money than sense though. Always remember before you rush in to buying something if it sounds too good to be true then it most probably is too good to be true!

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