Best Horror House Escape Route

Have you ever been in one of those situations where an evil spirit or ghost or a possessed family member or friend is coming after you in an especially spooky, extremely scary, secluded farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? Hopefully not because that would be a pretty dreadful experience. Mean ghosts aren’t so fun. If you do happen to find yourself in this sort of situation or for top ways to take your Valentine’s Day date out, we have some helpful tips for you to get the hell out of there!

An Example
Let’s say for example, that you are in the home from The Conjuring, which was one of the best scary movies in recent years and based on a real story… pulled from the memoirs of the life of paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. The house from the movie is in Harrisville, Rhode Island and is a quintessential white, eerie, foreboding, scary farmhouse with a dark, scary basement and nice, dead-looking hanging tree just outside. You know, the perfect house for a nice, happy family with children to live in.

Noises, Sites, Other
If you happen to find yourself in this home, you will probably progressively start to hear weird noises and see things that are not supposed to be there. Do not go towards those noises or sights. It’s a trap. Just turn around and walk away. Or run away. To prepare yourself for a so-called spirit that may become a bit too much of a nuance, you should find an escape route in the house.

Prepare, Prepare Prepare!
Typically, the door is the most convenient route, but of course, the spirit will have locked all the doors, so that you cannot get out. The next solution would be to go through the window. Of course, you are not going to be able to open them by hand, so you will need to throw a chair through the window to break the glass. Then you can climb through. Be careful to not cut yourself on the sharp glass. Blood can stain your clothes and is not easy to get out when doing your laundry.

Once you climb through the windows, make your way to the main road. Do not go through the woods behind the house or speed, because you make get a ticket that only traffic school would be able to dismiss. Also, nothing good ever happens in the woods. Just don’t do it. Head NORTH on the main road. When you reach the fork in the road, head towards the one that looks like rainbows and sunshine. Do not head down the dark, desolate road that looks like it will most definitely lead to your demise.

Obvious Directions?
Once you reach the main road, you will want to commandeer a vehicle as soon as possible. Please make sure to be nice to the car owner and explain your situation as erratically as possible, just so they know how dire your need is for their vehicle. Your goal is to get as far away as possible from the house as you can, so of course you will need to head all the way to Canada, just to be safe.

To get to Canada…
…you will want to take highway 98 heading North until you reach highway 146. You will take that North to interstate 90. You will take that west, through Connecticut, until you get to the interstate 91. Take that North, all the way through Massachusetts and Vermont, until you pass across that lovely United States/Canada border. You will then be free from the dangers of that house. While in Canada, make sure to enjoy lots of hockey and pancakes with maple syrup.

Happy Travels! J


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