Anniversary Gifts that You Both Can Enjoy

For most of the population, getting the perfect anniversary gift can be far from easy. With occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, you are probably already drained of ideas that would make your significant other happy. However, anniversaries are very different than those other celebratory events. Why? Because it’s not about you or your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, it’s about your commitment to each other.

The good news is that it’s completely appropriate to gift your loved one with a present that you both can enjoy! That’s right, it’s all about celebrating your togetherness and love by jointly benefiting from your special gift. Here are some ideas to get you started!

 1.A weekend trip

Nothing spells out romance like a weekend getaway together. Depending on the season and your personal preferences, find a destination that is relatively stress-free to get to and in which you can spend time doing things you love, like visiting museums, taking in the foodie scene, or exploring the natural environment. Just make sure that you create many opportunities for romance, like a candle-lit dinner in the evening, breakfast in bed, or watching the sunset from the peak you just conquered.

2. A spa retreat

 Invigorate your love life with a joint visit to a spa. Being able to relax together and relieve personal and common tensions is a gift that will go a long way. Your partner will love it when you choose spa packages including a seamless blend of massage, facials or body treatments, customised to your unique needs. If you are willing to get your hands dirty and learn a little bit about esthetics, maybe you want to set up a mini spa at home with some champagne and strawberries to cover all of your inadequacies.

3. Equipment for a common hobby

Is your common passion kayaking? Cycling? Running? Why don’t you invest in equipment for activities that you enjoy doing together. By giving the gift of a new firepit, tent, or whatever else is needed for your hobby, you are showing that you are fully invested into your relationship. And your anniversary day seems like the perfect time to try the gift out! Combine it with plans to enjoy your hobbies together and you’ll make it an unforgettable anniversary!

4. A board game

Just because there’s no room in the budget for an extravagant trip or expensive jewelry, doesn’t mean that you can’t find a great anniversary gift! Playing board games is a great activity for an evening in, especially when coupled with a cheese board and some wine. It can be a great theme for a dinner party or meeting with friends, just make sure that the competition brings you closer together instead of driving you apart!

5. Concert tickets

This gift is even better if you are both into the same kind of music. However, even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of your partner’s taste in music, choose an event that he or she would enjoy. By coming along you are showing them how much you want to be with them, even if it isn’t really your cup of tea. Hopefully, in the end you’ll be able to find a concert or performance that you both will be remembering for years to come.

Anniversary gifts can be difficult to get right. But with these ideas, all you really need to do is assign a realistic budget. Afterwards, once you put both sides of the relationship into the equation, you might find that anniversary gifts are you favourite kind!




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