A Woman’s Program For Women

The Important Of Gender-Specific Care

While society cries out for equality, there are certain places where it is best to separate the genders. While equality in treatment is extremely important and should always be performed as such, there are cases where keeping the two sexes separate is actually the best thing that can occur. An example of such a case is in rehab. For a womens intensive outpatient program to be successful, many women would actually do better and find easier healing if it didn’t involve men.

This is mainly due to the fact that for many women, the reason why women and substance abuse go hand-in-hand is that of men. These women have been sexually abused or received domestic abuse. To deal with their pain, they’ve turned to drugs or alcohol. Or, in some cases, a man in their life was the one that introduced them to drugs in the first place, and so now they’re addicted and unsure of how to claw their way out of it.

Regardless of what occurred, these instances can create trauma for the mind. In some cases, the trauma may be so severe that they actually suffer from PTSD. Throwing these women into rehab centers where men also attend isn’t going to help them. They may be able to detox, but with their mind constantly being triggered by the presence of men, particularly the kind of men who may have been responsible for their drug use in the first place, it isn’t a healthy environment for them to heal.

Thus, there is only one answer. For women to receive the care and healing they require, they have to be removed from the situation that could be triggering them in the first place. A gender-specific rehab center that caters to women only allows them to detox in comfort, and then work on unfolding the triggers and recognizing patterns that lead to their drug usage. By discovering these in a place that they feel comfortable in, they can build behaviors and create plans to deal with those situations in a way that is longer lasting.

Grace Counseling

One such gender-specific recovery center is Grace Counseling. They offer an intense women’s outpatient program. While many tote the advantages of an inpatient program, the outpatient program is just a tad more realistic, especially for women. Because women of the world are expected to carry the world on their shoulders, it isn’t possible for many of them to take the time that is necessary to attend an inpatient program. Especially since these programs require the patient to remain within their facility for a month at a time, it just isn’t feasible. Women have to work, so they can earn an income and feed themselves, their families, and ensure there’s a roof over their heads. Inpatient programs, while impactful in their own way, don’t allow a mother to do this.

That is where the outpatient program comes into play. For women who need guidance and support to deal with substance abuse or any other problems, the intensive outpatient program hosted by Grace Counseling is the option to consider. Unlike the standard outpatient program that typically requires a patient to attend group therapy for a set number of visits, an intensive outpatient program ensures that individual needs are met. For one, the time of individual therapy is lengthened. This allows both the therapist to better understand their patient, and the patient to feel more comfortable with their therapist and thus share more about their life. With that trust, they can work together to help the patient forge healthy habits and behaviors in her life.

There is certainly a group therapy element to it as well. Women can gather together in a supportive and nurturing environment and seek help from one another. These are relationships that can carry outside of the program. Real friends can be found and forged, and with each other suffering from similar traumas, they can help each other stay on the correct path ahead.

Grace Counseling also offers family therapy. In some cases, the woman of the house needs some help reaching her children or husband. This therapy can help build supportive and effective communication techniques, so everyone can learn how to talk to one another and voice their needs.

With the gender-specific care at Grace Counseling, women can, finally, come first.


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