3 Common Beauty Myths Busted

It is unsurprising, both that beauty products are a global, multi-billion-dollar industry, and that there are consequently a huge number of myths and misinformation surrounding beauty products. Some of these myths are born out of corporate malice; companies lying about the efficacy of their products in order to sell more units. Other times, they are simple misconceptions that originate among the users and reviewers of such products. Below are some of the more common myths and misconceptions surrounding beauty and beauty products.


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Different Products for Different Ages

Many companies market their products to different age groups. Sometimes, these are accompanied by claims that they are ‘specially formulated’ for specific demographics. This, however, is very misleading. There is a wild variety in the condition of peoples’ skin at any given age. Furthermore, the conditions that most commonly affect the skin, and which these products are designed to combat, are not dependent on age. Those who begin using skincare products earlier will generally find their skin in better condition than those who haven’t used skincare products at all, or who have used them for a shorter period of time.

The Role of Hypoallergenic Products

There are many claims made about hypoallergenic products and when they should be used. Essentially, the term ‘hypoallergenic’ means that these products have been specifically designed to not elicit an allergic response in sensitive individuals. However, it should be noted that there currently doesn’t exist any formal or objective standard by which something can be classed as hypoallergenic. Thus, the claim is sometimes made on the basis of deliberately skewed research or in the most brazen cases it is simply added to packaging to sell more of the product.

The best skin care products from reputable manufacturers will only make claims that they can back up. Products that are applied externally are incredibly unlikely to trigger a serious allergic reaction, although they may irritate the skin. You should only concern yourself with hypoallergenic products when the allergy is a serious one, and in such cases, you should consult a doctor to ensure that any products you use are suitable.

Age Spots Are Unavoidable

Age spots refer to patches of skin that are discolored compared to the skin surrounding them. Conventional wisdom says that these spots are an unavoidable part of the aging process. In fact, they have a specific and identifiable cause that we can counteract in several ways. Over time, enzymes in the skin degrade, usually in response to exposure to the sun, and when this occurs the overlying skin changes slightly in tone. These spots are usually, though not always, darker than the surrounding skin meaning that they require lightening in order to appear the same as the rest of the person’s skin.

The most common way of doing this is by using hydroquinone, an aromatic compound that has depigmentation properties. Hydroquinone must be used sparingly, however, as in larger doses it can have a detrimental effect on the health of one’s skin.

Understanding the myths surrounding beauty products is important if one wants to get the maximum benefit out of their use. Vigilance is required and you shouldn’t buy any products from a company you don’t feel you can trust.

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