You Won’t Believe How Today’s Woman Spends Her Time – Or Will You?

Through the years, women have been known to do a number of things in their spare time for entertainment, and as the generations pass, these pastimes vary significantly. Today’s woman is spending her free time so very differently than even a decade ago that it would be a real treat to jump back in time to see how women in the early 2000s would view what we do to while away the hours in 2016. If you’ve been wondering what the top few pastimes are for millennials these days, here’s a rundown of what fashionable women do for amusement.

First a Plug for Smart Technology!

One thing you will notice is that many of the activities depend on smart technology with smartphones and tablets ranking highly. Without a smart device, fashionable women would oftentimes be at a loss as you will see by the list that follows. Yes, there are some fashionable pastimes that don’t require a smartphone or mobile device, but the list in that regard is getting smaller by the day.

According to Deloitte, a global organisation of analysts spreading across all industries, just about 50% of all UK adults are connected to the internet by some form of device and that number is growing by the day. And, what’s really amazing is that their survey found that almost 1/3 of smartphone users don’t even make a conventional telephone call in any given week. So what do they do with this smart technology? Check the list below!

1. Posting and Chatting on Social Networks – Facebook Ranking First

It’s difficult to keep up with the statistics on social network usage because the numbers keep changing even by the hour. Suffice it to say that of the 50% of UK adults who stay connected through some sort of device, probably at least 75% – 90% are on social media of some type chatting or posting away. Of those on Facebook, 76% are female! That’s been the trend for the past several years and unless some unknown new type of media should suddenly be developed, you can expect this trend to continue.

2. Texting

In a nose-to-nose race with social networking, texting comes in at a close second. While most smartphone users do text throughout the day, many have begun using the messaging apps for their social networks so the concept of ‘texting’ has actually gone social!

3. Shopping Online

According to a recent article on the eMarketer website dated 14 July, 2016, shopping for clothes whilst mobile is becoming a huge trend amongst millennials. While online shopping and e-commerce as a whole is booming, the articles believes this activity is being fuelled by this generation’s fondness for their smartphones. Just a year or two ago online shopping was, for the most part, accessed from laptops or home PCs but with the literal explosion of smartphone usage, mobile shopping has taken the lead.

4. Mobile Gaming

For several decades electronic gaming has been the trend and when it evolved to online gaming, the industry went wild. From PCs to laptops, tablets and smartphones, today’s woman loves spending free time (mobile or stationary!) playing her favourite games. Typically, iPhone users claim they have the best experience because the operating system is less susceptible to hacks which are common amongst gamers accessing their game via mobile apps. Apple has a huge number of mobile games, including the popular Sun Bingo, on their iTunes store which are harder to hack and easier to play.

5. High Street Shopping

Finally, rounding it out to 5th place is good old fashioned high street shopping. Women love to shop and that will never change! Some choose to access their favourite brands via online portals and others like to make the round of their favourite shops. However, most like to do both because what’s better than shopping to lift the spirits?

So then, if you look at it in another light, not much has really changed but just the way we do it! Women have always been notorious chatters but those lengthy tête-à-têtes have morphed into social messaging and texting. Shopping will always be a woman’s best friend but now more and more women are accessing their favourite brands via online portals whilst mobile. Only the way in which today’s woman goes about her favourite pastimes seems to have changed but the pastimes remain the same. Would you believe that? Of course you would!

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