Why You Should Stay in the Little Treasure That is Samana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the prefect place for a vacation, no matter who you are traveling with or what type of vacation it is that you are looking for. Throughout the island there are many places where you can stay but the jewel in the Dominican crown for me is without doubt the peninsula of Samana, on the northeast of the island. There are all kinds of accommodation options in this part of the island, and some of the all inclusive vacation packages Samana offers are absolutely wonderful. If you are not sure whereabouts you want to stay on the island, here are just a few reasons why you should stay in the little treasure that is Samana.


If you are visiting between January and March then you are in for a real treat, as this is the season when humpback whales make their annual migration past the north of the island, just outside Samana. The WWF have said that this is one of the finest places to watch humpback whales, and there are a greta many tours which will take you offshore, to watch these incredible creatures.

El Salto del Limon

El Salto del Limon is a spectacular 170 foot waterfall, which is accessible via horseback or hiking. In truth this area of the island features a great many waterfalls, but there are none as exciting and impressive as El Salto del Limon. For those brave enough, you can jump from the top of the waterfall, landing in the emerald colored lagoon at the bottom, those who aren’t can still enjoy spectacular views, or simply swim in the waters below.

Zipping Around

Here in Samana you will find one of the few rainforests which exists on the island, and to see it best you can strap yourself onto a zip-line, and glide across the jungle canopy. From your position above the tree line you will have the perfect opportunity to explore this dense area, and witness he local wildlife in all of its splendor.

Playa Rincon

Beaches are of course part and parcel of any stay in the Dominican and if you are staying up in Samana, you can count on the beautiful Playa Rincon to meet all of your beachy needs. Just outside of the town of Las Galeras, you will find a 2 mile beach which seems as though nobody has ever set foot on it. In truth the beach is popular but it never gets overcrowded and you can find a perfectly quiet spot for you and your group, to enjoy one of the finest sides of the country, its coastline. The beach is surrounded by restaurants and some beach bars, but they are reserved and conservative places where you can maintain that tranquility which you have found at the water’s edge.

If you are going to the Dominican Republic, Samana is quite simply the best place for you to stay.

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