What Makes an Excellent Christmas Hamper?

If you have ever looked online at the different hampers that are available, you may find yourself shocked at how much is on offer. Even if you were to read Emporium reviews and determine that they are the company you want to shop with, you will still have a huge array of choices available to you in terms of what to put into the hamper. What you will also find is that different hampers are more suitable to different people.

Hampers are commonly given out at Christmas to staff members and to customers. This is because they give companies the opportunity to show appreciation for a year of hard work and custom. The added benefit is that giving out a hamper increases employee engagement and consumer loyalty. As such, while they require a financial investment, this usually repays itself through increased productivity and increased custom. However, this only works if you hand out the right hamper, actually providing people with products they want or are interested in. So what should be in a Christmas hamper?

What Should Be Included in a Christmas Hamper?

Obviously, since you are creating a Christmas hamper, you should include things that are themed to the Christmas spirit. Cheese and a bottle of port are always good options, therefore. Blue stilton goes with port very well, but not everybody likes blue cheese, so you may need to consider a different option as well. Overall, however, you are guaranteed to make people happy with cheese and wine. An alternative to cheese and wine could be to include mince pies and mulled wine, which is truly a Christmas tradition. Those are things that people only consume during the Christmas period.

You could also include a few other things, depending on how large you want to make your hamper. A plum pudding or Christmas cake will also always be appreciated. Chocolate is always good, and you should be able to find themed sweets or chocolates without too much difficulty. If you have a larger budget available, the truffles and champagne is a great option, creating a truly decadent hamper. Should your budget be even higher, then the sky truly is the limit and you could include all types of luxury items, such as bath sets, jewelry, accessories, perfume, and so on.

Remember it Is a Promotional Item

A final thing to remember is that a hamper is a promotional item. This means you should also include things that point back to your company in particular. You could, for instance, include a product that has proven to be very popular during the year, as well as a new product that people can test. This also gives you the opportunity to ask people to leave a review for your old and/or new products. If you deliver a service, rather than creating a product, you could include a more standard promotional item with your name on it, but try to make it stand out a little bit. For instance, a pen is cheap, but it has been done before. A Christmas bauble with your name on is far more original and not much more expensive.

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