Truval: Sell your jewelry in New York

While the experience of buying jewelry may be a fairly common one, it’s not every day that you find yourself thinking about selling it. Why someone decides to sell jewelry is a completely personal affair, but the fact that they expect to fetch a good return for it is no surprise! So it may be a family heirloom that you have to part with for financial reasons, an old gift that you no longer find any use for or something that you want to sell in the hope of buying a new one.

The experience of selling your jewelry can be a daunting experience. You’re not sure of genuine buyers, you are forever paranoid of getting cheated or not having struck the best deal or simply confused regarding how to approach the entire situation.

These days, the internet has made it slightly less challenging to look for a place to sell your jewelry. Further, platforms like Yelp, which make crowdsourced feedbacks and reviews about local businesses available for customers to peruse provides additional reassurance to prospective buyers and sellers.

Truval is one such 5 stars rated business that Yelp features if you want to sell your jewelry in New York. Situated in Midtown West, Truval has received some stellar feedback from its users. What most customers have felt positive about is the fact that transactions at Truval take place in a secure and isolated space. There is a private, safe and secure office for transactions that make customers feel comfortable.  The staff’s amiable, cordial and efficiency is another factor that sets Truval apart from others in the business. It’s quick and seamless-taking as less as 10 minutes to get your cash or check after a sale. Another recurring sentiment is that Truval gives the best competitive price. When customers believe that a particular place is giving them more money or their items than any other business in the industry and vouch to return if they have any other jewelry to buy, it probably says a lot about the reputation and goodwill that the business enjoys in New York.

If you’re from New York, you can easily schedule an appointment and have an in-person meeting with the Truval staff. Bring the jewelry that you want to sell along and the extremely knowledgeable experts at Truval will evaluate it and make you the best offer that they can. After that, you are free to go ahead with the deal or retract it without any pressure. If you live in any other state in New York but want to sell your jewelry at Truval, you can actually courier your jewelry through a special high-security service through FedEx, with who Truval has a tie-up. Not only do they provide high security to these valuable items, but also offer an insurance of a maximum of $100,000. Once you get the quote and decide to go ahead with the deal, you can receive your money through online payments, within a maximum of 24 hours.

Truval makes selling your precious jewelry extremely easy and comfortable, with or without having to even visit the store!

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