Top Ways to Keep Car Costs Down

The cost of owning a car seems to be spiraling in recent years with raised gas prices, higher insurance premiums and road taxes increasing which can really hit your pocket when it comes to monthly spends. For many who haven’t bought a car outright and instead used a car finance plan, their car can end up being one of the single biggest monthly outlays. Whilst having a car is very important to many, there are ways in which you can reduce your monthly prices and here are a few steps which you can take in order to do so.

Using Less Gas

Speeding money on gas is usually one of the biggest culprits when it comes to monthly car spends but thankfully there are a few tips and tricks that you can put in place which can help you save how much gas you use each month. The first thing that you can do is look to car pool more often, if you make a regular trip to the school or to work then look for someone else who makes a similar journey to you, you can both split the driving each week which will see you save money on gas.

Another way to cut down your gas is driving more sensibly, fast driving and late braking is a surefire way to burn the gas and will see you having to replace it more often.

Cover Your Parts

Unless you have a new car which has a warranty attached to it then you would be well worth taking out some additional insurance on your car which will add coverage for malfunction or breakdown of your car’s parts. I personally took this cover out last year with a  company called Omega, I haven’t needed the insurance yet and whilst I know that it is an expense right now, you just have to look at the Omega Auto Care reviews to realize how much money people can save when something goes wrong.

Driving Safely

Being more cautious with your driving style will save you money in so many different ways. The first thing is that it will put far less pressure on your car and its parts, this will mean that you won’t have to replace things like tires and brake pads with such frequency, these can often prove to be costly expenses. Driving more sensibly will also means that you will reduce your risk of having an accident. Accidents can cost you a higher insurance premium, you will have an excess to pay, you will need to pay to fix damage done and you may even need to fork out for medical bills. Driving safely helps you to reduce this risk of unnecessary spend.

So there you have it, our top 3 tips on cutting down on those car spends, each method will shave a little off your monthly spend but when added together, you will find that you will be saving quite a chunk of your monthly cash!

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