Top 5 Apps for Starting Your Car in 2018

Have you ever lost your keys? If the answer is no, you’ve probably never owned any. You are likely more mindful of the whereabouts of your smartphone. Well, this is excellent news! With some of the best smartphone apps, you can start your car right from your phone, possibly from anywhere. At Improv Online Traffic School, we are all about being a defensive driver. Being able to start your car when you’ve lost your keys is a safe alternative to losing them. Learn more about safe driving in Georgia through our Defensive Driving Course Online. Here are 5 of the top apps that can start your car:


  1. Viper SmartStart

Viper Smart Start is both a security system for your vehicle and an app for starting your car. Freezing mornings that keep you from jumping out of bed can be a thing of the past. Think of the warm, toasty and comfortable vehicle you are going to be in soon. You don’t have to sit in the freezing temperature! It doesn’t even matter how far away you are from your car or celebrating your Jeep 4×4. You also have the added safety of being able to control your locks, windows, trunk, and security system from your smartphone


  1. Directed SmartStart

With this app, you can start your car, lock your car, and locate your vehicle. Track it too. You can control multiple vehicles through one account. If your little sister locks herself out of her car late at night, you can be a hero. Unlock and start her car to keep her safe! You can also assign another user. This way, your mom can help your sister out too! This app is also smartwatch compatible for those of you who would rather have the ease of attaching it to your arm.


  1. Autostart SmartStart

You can remote start or unlock your car from 150 feet away with this app. With this app, you can also open your trunk. The easy-to-use graphic interface can also set a speed limit alert. This app has a feature called “smart fence.” Create a secure fence around your vehicle that will alert you if it leaves the area with this feature. Your loved ones can also know if you got safely to your destination with HotSpot. Mark a spot on the map, and it will alert you when your car travels to that area.


  1. CrimeStoppers SmartStart

This app works with both manual and automatic transmissions. Also, it supports diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engines. Use it on almost all makes and models, even the older ones. These features are a plus but make it one of the most expensive on the market. It has a long-range signal up to 3000 feet, and two-way operation. It also has the standard keyless entry, smart start, and trunk release. This one even has a feature that keeps you from picking up the wrong sidekick remote that comes with it! It has 31 programming functions altogether.


  1. Python SmartStart

This app allows for SmartStart features of up to a one-mile radius. You can also get in and out of the car without your keys. It also has a two-way paging function and comes with four auxiliary outputs. Use Python SmartStart GPS to gain added GPS features to your smartstart system.


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