Tips for Unraveling and Preventing Even the Worst Tangles

Does your hair always seem to snarl into a tangled mess during your shower? Or maybe you were having a carefree day with the windows (and your hair!) down, only to realize the wind whipped your hair into an unrecognizable mess. Even just an everyday habit of taking your hair out of your pony tail and popping it back up again can create tangles at the end of the day.

It feels like a never-ending battle, but with a few changes to your routine, you can unravel and prevent even the worst tangles.

Start With Shampoo That Does Not Leave Residue in Your Hair

There’s only one way to describe low-end shampoos that get in the way of your hair care routine: gunk. That’s literally what they leave in your hair! Trying to take a brush or comb through your hair when there is a sticky build-up is a frustrating experience to say the least.

If you feel random greasy patches in your hair, not up near the scalp, or you see a whitish film accumulating on your brushes and combs, it’s definitely your shampoo. Switch to a product that has fewer artificial ingredients. Be sure to use just enough to get the job done (don’t go overboard) and to rinse thoroughly.

Take Care When Towel Drying

It’s tempting to attack your head with a towel the same way you’d want to dry off your dog after a bath: roughly scrubbing at your scalp with the towel until it’s no longer dripping wet.

This method rubs your hair together and increases the likelihood that each strand gets even further out of place than it was before your shower. Instead, gather your hair together and gently squeeze out excess moisture. Then with the towel on either side of your hair, pat it dry. Separate the hair into sections if needed.

Gently Blow Dry on Low Heat

After your hair is already somewhat dry from the towel, it’s time to move on to a blow dryer. If you have time to let your hair air dry, go for it! Otherwise, invest in a pro quality hair dryer that has multiple heat settings. Choose low heat and gently work your fingers through your hair as you dry.

Then, using a paddle brush, you can start to brush your hair at the tips while you continue to use the blow dryer.

If You Hit a Snag

Once you hit a snag, resist the urge to just rip through it with your brush your comb. Rub some detangling gel on your hands and then work it into the tangle with your fingers. Try to unravel the tangle before running your comb or brush through it again.

Keep working on your hair in sections, blow drying each part and stopping to detangle any snags. By the time you’re finished, you should be able to run a comb or brush from the top of your head all the way down to the tips with satisfying smoothness.

Ongoing Maintenance

Dry hair is more likely to tangle because it will experience more friction. Instead of gliding over one another, the hair will stick and rub. Apply a leave-in conditioner at least once a week to ensure that your hair stays moisturized. Also, protect it from the heat and sun by using a heat protectant before flat-ironing or curling and by applying sunscreen specially designed for hair before you spend the day outside. These tips, along with brushing every morning and night, will keep your hair tangle-free.

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