Three Tips for Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day

There’s no day quite like your wedding day. A day where everybody’s focus will be on you along with extensive photographs, every bride wants to be sure they look their best. If this sounds like you and you are searching for ways to help you look your absolute best on your big day, look no further.

Your Dress

Your dress choice is going to be something people will be speaking about for months, if not years after your wedding. Not to mention the first thing everybody will look at as you show them your wedding photos. Once you have chosen the perfect dress and are meeting with your dressmaker, speak about maintaining the option for alteration. If you have just signed up for a membership at one of New York City’s gyms to slim down, talk with the dressmaker about your goals. If you are expecting to lose pounds or tone up before the day, this is something they should be made aware of during your initial fitting.

Apart from your initial fitting, schedule an additional appointment two weeks before your wedding day to make any last-minute adjustments to ensure your new body wears the dress, and the dress doesn’t wear you.

Your Makeup

Many brides make the mistake of choosing a bridal look over their personal style. And while it’s important to every bride to look elegant, this shouldn’t come at the cost of their your unique style. When looking through makeup artist portfolios, look for instances where the makeup artist has blended bridal elegance with a unique style which matches the bride’s personality. If you simply choose a standard bridal style then you can appear uncomfortable and out of place in your wedding photos.

Your Stress

Have you ever looked at bridal pictures and thought the bride looked stressed or tired. The extensive planning that goes into a wedding can lead brides to feel and look exhausted when the day finally arrives. A few days before the wedding, visit a day spa and indulge in a relaxing day with your bridesmaids to release all of the pre-wedding stress which has built up. A day of chit chat while you all receive massages, body wraps and facials is the perfect way to release your tension and feel utterly relaxed and happy before the big day.

At the end of the day, how you look on your wedding day depends on how you feel. On the morning of your event, remind yourself that you have planned for and taken care of everything in preparation and let the day glide along smoothly as a result.

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