Things to Consider Before Picking a Fume Hood For Your Lab

I have been a designer of laboratories for many years now and throughout my career I have seen a dramatic increase of the amount of fume hoods that are on the market. Naturally in a laboratory, one of the absolute keys to its success is the assurance that the chemicals which are pumped out into the atmosphere, are safely absorbed, cleaned and removed from the lab. In recent years the desire for which kind of lab fume hood has changed greatly as more and more scientific and educational institutes seek to make their labs as energy efficient and green as they possibly can. It is therefore, never an easy decision to identify which fume hood you need, so here are some things that you should be considering if you are in the market for one.


As with most things in the world, you really do get what you pay for with fume hoods and much of the decision as to which to buy, will come down to how much money you are prepared to spend. This is not of course to say that a low priced fume hood will not function well, it will after all still do its job. With that being said, there are obviously some additional factors which a pricier hood will give you, that the cheaper one cannot.


Because of the advancements that science has made through the years, it is highly unlikely that the majority of labs will be pumping out anything that is overly toxic. For this reason it is important that you consider the actual requirements that you have for the hood. This is where we go back to price and the difference in models, if you are looking for a fume hood which will not be put through its paces then the cheaper model will be the best idea for you.


As I mentioned before, there are many factors about the price difference, aside from competitive brands. One factor of that is what kind of longevity and financial efficiency are you looking for? For example, you could fork out on a high performance fume hood which would cost a lot but save you money on your energy bills for the life of the product. If you are trying to keep costs down however, you could opt to buy an epoxy-coated steel me hood which will do what it says on the tin, but you cannot expect much longevity.

Eco Effect

The final consideration to make is whether or not you are looking for something that is eco-friendly. If you do decide to go for a green fume hood, you should expect to pay a little more but you will not only have a more environmentally friendly fume hood, my experience with the eco-hoods has been that they last well and they function to a very high capacity.

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