Superfoods Which Your Diet Should Feature

Eating healthy can be a tough slog, especially if you are new to it but it is important to remember that through eating better and living a better lifestyle, you will ultimately feel better. During your diet there are many little cheats which mother nature has give us that you can consume to give you a wide-ranging boost of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which can help you feel great and assist your diet.

We call these foods superfoods and they are not like the herbal products that you take such as Gingko Biloba or Red Ginseng, these are naturally occurring and easy-to-find fruits and vegetables that can give your diet and your health a serious kick start. We have picked out some of our favorite superfoods and we suggest that you add them to your diet as quickly as you possibly can.

Acai Berries

There is very little not to love about this little beauties from South America and as far as health properties go, there aren’t many that can rival the Acai berry. This berry has been proven time and again to be able to help significantly with weight loss and with anti-aging, doubtless two of the most common body issues. The berry also contains antioxidants such as anthocyanin which has been linked to being able to fight cancer and heart disease. Acai is not always easy to get your hands on but you can easily find it in juice or powder form which both offer the same benefits as the fruit itself.

Goji Berries

One of the only rivals to the power of the Acai berry is the Goji berry, a Tibetan native fruit which harnesses an incredible amount of health benefits within its tiny frame. These fruits have been used for years by Tibetan monks who laud the fruit for its healing properties and now science is getting in on the action. You can find these fruits throughout the grocery store and the reason for their immense popularity is that they pack in more vitamin C than any other fruit on the planet.


Not just something that gets caught up in your legs when you go swimming, seafood is also an incredible superfood which we should all add more of into our diet. Seaweed possesses a huge amount of omega-3s which has been shown to help prevent heart disease and it is also packed with calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc and iodine, not bad for a vegetable. You can buy this dried and take a piece each day to give your body a real boost.


This Asian fruit not only tastes amazing but it has been shown to have energy boosting properties and the xanthines which are found in the rind of the mangosteen, have been shown to fight cancer. These are tricky to get your hands on but you can easily find the juice which has been made using the xanthin-rich rinds.

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