Successful Ways in Which I Have Invested My Money

I have been investing my money fro around 3 years now with varying degrees of success, I am most certainly up in terms of profit made, but that is not to say that I haven’t had some losses along the way. Many of my friends in a similar position as me in terms of their finances and where they are in their life, have been asking me where they should get started with their investments. The truth is, I am probably not best placed to offer that kind of advice but I most certainly can speak about the areas where I have profited, in the hope that both you and my friends can gain some ideas.


I was uncertain to say the least when a friend of mine started to talk about a new digital currency, I actually thought for a second that it could be a scam. Thankfully I decided to look into it and discovered that this was indeed a great idea for investment so I swiftly opened a Bitcoin wallet and started to buy up as much as I could. The price back then was around $50 per Bitcoin and I was smart enough to get out when the price rose to $350 per Bitcoin. In all honesty I could have held on to my investment a little bit longer in order to make even more money but I was more than happy with what I managed to make.

Real Estate

My very first investment and one which, if I were to offer advice to anyone, I would recommend that they invested in. The beauty of bricks and mortar investments are that they are much more secure than the stock exchange or the FOREX and this lack of volatility was something which really drew me to the idea of investing in property. I decided that as I was in no rush to make big money, that I would invest in property with a view of renting it out, I searched for up and coming areas and so far I have 3 properties which all have tenants and that are all in positive equity. If you want somewhere that is relatively safe to invest your money, real estate is the best place for you.


I worked in the engineering sector for many years and I am still relatively involved in the scene, last summer a team approached me with a novel business idea within my niche of expertise and I couldn’t help but invest in it. I have since invested in 3 more startups and I so far they have made me my money back which means that if nothing else, I haven’t lost. If you are going to become an angel investor, I would advise that you do so in a business that you have great knowledge about so that you can best ascertain whether it is likely to make money or not.

And there you have it, my first few years in investing and here are where I have made my gains so far.

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