Reasons Why You Should Hit The Road And Travel

Traveling is an experience like no other, I’m not talking about taking a week or two away form it all to some sandy Caribbean beach, I’m talking about adventures throughout new and exciting countries which show you the planet in an entirely different way. Me and most of my friends have taken these trips throughout our lives and it has helped us in numerous ways, my buddy Mack Prioleau even did a real round-the-World trip which totally changed him for the better.

There is no age limit to when you should go traveling although just after you finish your education is a great time to go. If you needed any inspiration then here are just a few reasons why you need to get a backpack on and go traveling.

Open Your Eyes

For sure we have way more information about the World than we ever did before, we can check out Liveleak to see what is going on in Syria or Afghanistan, we can watch YouTube clips of people surfing in Australia or night markets in Bangkok but this is no substitute to actually being there. When you spend some time in a new country, meet the locals and breathe in their way of life, you start to look at your own life an a whole new way. This kind of experience cannot be gained in any other way than traveling.

Learning From Fear

There will be times when you are on a chicken bus through Guatemala or a night train in India that you are gonna be scared, you may be infer of your wallet, your sanity or even your life and you know what, that’s a beautiful thing. Living a safe and comfortable life does not teach you anything about yourself and heading out to the World and embracing fear and finding out that you are not made of glass will serve you better in the future.

Amazing Sights

The feeling which you will get when you first gaze upon Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal and the stirrings of emotion which you will feel when you gaze out across an African plane is truly like no other. If you want to see the World up close and personal then hit the road and seek your dreams. These sights can be seen on a postcard or an advertising hoarding but that doesn’t even begin to compare with witnessing them for yourself.

Meeting Cool People

The people that you will meet whilst you are on the road will be wide and varied and within the mix are some super cool people and some who may even become a great friend of yours. Generally speaking, those who travel are far more relaxed and this means that it can be easier to strike up a bond with them. When you remove yourself from the grind of a daily 9-5 you will see just how happy people can be and this can lead to some awesome experiences with some really cool people.

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