New hobbies to try out

If you are craving a bit of excitement and something new in your life then maybe it is time that you thought about taking up a new hobby. Even if you don’t have huge amounts of spare time, there are a number of hobbies that you can easily fit into your day or that don’t take up much time.


If you spend time commuting to work on public transport, have you ever wondered if you could be using that time more wisely? Browsing on Facebook is tempting but it isn’t really adding much to your life. Why don’t you think of something that you have always wanted to do and use your time better to fit it into your life?


Maybe you always wanted to write? A whole book will take a long time but have you thought about setting up your own blog? You can now get free blog websites set up through WordPress or Wix and you can start blogging about the things that you love most. You could offer fashion advice, interior decorating tips, gardening tips or just discuss everyday problems. As more and more people read your blog, you will feel a sense of achievement, and you could even go on to make some money out of it.


 Playing sports can be huge amounts of fun and will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle. You could try golf or maybe even cycling, or try a team game like hockey. If you are short of time then something like cycling is perfect because you can incorporate it into your daily routine, by cycling to work perhaps. There is a huge range of different sports to get involved in and if you’re worried about turning up on your own, talk a friend into going with you the first time.

Horse racing

Going to the races is a great day out, regardless of whether you like to place bets or not. Getting dressed up and cheering on each race can be great fun and you can even enjoy a drink or two whilst you watch the races.


There are all kinds of different types of crafts that you can try. From creating your own, unique birthday cards for people to creating table centrepieces, you can let your creativity go wild and impress all of your friends. You could even start selling your products if you don’t know what to do with them once you have created them.


Painting can be very calming and therapeutic as well as highly enjoyable. Whether you are interested in still life or even landscapes, you could find you have a real talent. Even if you’re not the next emerging artist, you can have fun learning how to draw and/or paint. Joining a class can help you to set up a whole new social circle, or if you prefer, you can teach yourself using online tutorials that will help you to discover techniques.







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