Most Construction Site Accidents Are Preventable

The construction business has been notorious for serious accidents. This reputation has led to steps taken to increase safety in construction sites. However, no construction site is one hundred percent safe, and according to the Felix Gonzalez Law Firm, many of construction site accidents like electrocution, falls and being crushed are actually perfectly preventable. It is crucial to contact expert legal advice of you or anyone you know has been affected by construction site accidents. Here are some of the most common types of construction site accidents and their possible preventions:

1). Improper scaffolding

Ironically, scaffolding that is meant as safety protection often causes serious injuries. Weak scaffolding connections and inappropriate staging are usually what lead to accidents, often occurring on the walkway or vertical support. It is imperative that the construction company ensure proper scaffolding procedures are observed and followed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific requirements on proper steps to set up and maintain scaffolding, which could do wonders in preventing accidents and injuries due to bad scaffolding.

2). Ground collapses

Construction work that involves a lot of digging risks having the ground sink and collapse, like this incredible ground collapse that swallowed a huge part of a road in Fukuoka, Japan. Prevention includes side walls with bracing plus having proper harnesses for construction workers in case of any collapses.

3). Falling

Even a short fall can cause serious harm, even death. Anyone who climbs a roof, ladder, scaffold, or anything else risks falling. Being careful helps, but extra protection can come in the form of harnessing clipped to an anchor point. Like with ground collapse prevention, having a harness would prevent any worker falling to his death.

4). Crane injuries

Cranes’ cables can break, and whatever is being lifted by that crane can cause serious damage and injury. Additionally, personnel operating the crane often cannot completely see the whole picture when they are doing heavy lifting. There are various safeguards that can prevent and minimize injuries connected with cranes, such as having spotters and safety officers who constantly monitor the situation to identify possible problems.

5). Toxic chemicals

Construction work is dirty business, as it involves a lot of harmful materials like lead and high levels of dust which can cause respiratory problems. One way to increase safety when it comes to harsh chemicals is to have gas masks and safety breathing gear on site.

What To Do If You Have Been Injured In A Construction Site Accident

There are workers compensation programs when a worker has been injured in a construction site. However, often these programs only address immediate needs. What happens next is that the injured person will have to pay out of pocket for rehabilitation, which can take weeks, months, even years. The most sensible thing to do after you have been injured in a construction site accident is to contact experts to legally help you receive proper compensation that can fund your full recovery efforts.

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