Luxury Group Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for a baby shower can be difficult. Rather than deciding how much to spend and what the perfect gift is on your own, buying a baby shower gift as a group can be a great alternative. You can buy something more expensive that you know you know they will use and you can gather opinions from more people to make sure you get it right.

Get together with your close friendship group and buy one of these amazing gifts for the parents to be!

Electric Baby Swing

A great baby shower gift that the parents might not buy themselves is an electric baby swing. Most of the best electric swings are over £100, so this is a great gift to split between friends. Electric baby swings are designed to mimic the movement of you rocking the baby in your arms, to help them feel calm and eventually fall asleep.

As much as we love our kids, sometimes we need to have some time to get things done without having to hold them. An electric baby swing will make sure that the parents can get on with whatever they need to do, whilst knowing the baby is happy and safe.

Designer Baby Changing Bag

Another thing that parents might not buy themselves is a designer baby changing bag. More expensive baby changing bags are not only likely to be much better quality, but they also look amazing and could pass as a handbag rather than a baby changing bag. The transition to parenthood can be difficult, so having a designer baby changing bag can help the new parent to look amazing, feel great and stay organised.

Luxury Skincare Hamper

As a new parent, it isn’t often you get a chance to give yourself a good pamper. However, if the chance does arise, it is so lovely to have luxury products available to make you feel amazing. So, a great gift would be a luxury skincare hamper. A mixture of different skincare products like facemasks, cleansers and toners would be ideal.

Perhaps avoid this choice if you are unsure what kind of skin the recipient has, as you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that they won’t end up using. It also would be advised to avoid this one if the person has particularly sensitive skin. A good alternative in this case would be some gentle bath salts and candles for a relaxing evening bath.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, three luxury group baby shower gift ideas! This is the perfect way to treat the parent with a lovely gift that they will definitely use and buying as a group helps to make sure that you can buy a wonderful gift.

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