How to Survive Financially in College

In order for yo to have the best possibility of getting a great job in the future, a college education is the smartest route to take. The only downside of going to college is the rising cost of tuition fees which can leave many students up to their eyeballs in debt after they have graduated and before they even enter the world of work. Starting off your working life with debt can have impacts on getting your first home, your first car or finding financial stability. Sometimes it is necessary but there are other ways.

Today we are going to take a look at the options which you have in front of you for financing your college education.


There are some ways in which you can get a college education without paying for it and a scholarship is one of them. Scholarships are given out by universities that have been backed by the college itself or by an investor. In order to win a scholarship you will need to display excellence in artistic, academic or athletic matters, if you are an awesome football player like Jack Elway or you have consistently shown high level intelligence and great test scores then you could be in line for a free education that will be supported by your outstanding ability.


Grants are given out more often than not to those students who are in financial hardship, grants do not need to be repaid and they have helped thousands of talented students from tough backgrounds to gain a college education. All applications for grants will be considered and you will need to prove your reasons for applying in order to secure a grant.

Student Loan

One of the most popular forms of financing your college education is to use the student loans system. These loans will cover your tuition fees in their entirety and as long as you have a strong credit score and a guarantor then you are more than likely to have your application accepted. The repayment scheme for the student loan will begin once you start earning after college and a small percentage of your monthly salary will be removed until the loan is fully repaid. Whilst many use this service, there are plenty of others who don’t want to find themselves in such high debt at such a young age.


Whilst it will be very tough, there are lots of people who are paying their way through college by working whilst they study. If you decide that this option is for you then you are going to need to be well organized, hard working and very focussed so that your work does not have a negative effect on your studies. The internet has brought with it many ways in which people can earn money and there are a great many students who have turned to the internet to finance their college education. If you think that you have the discipline and the right way of earning money to work and study at the same time then this a great option which will see you leave college completely debt free.

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