How to Get More YouTube Views

YouTube is a great way in which you can express yourself if you feel like you have a talent which people are going to want to watch. The tricky thing is however is gaining sufficient views to become a success. The reason gaining YouTube views can be so difficult is because making videos and uploading them is so simple and accessible that anybody can do it. Not everyone however can amass millions of YouTube views like TB Joshua for example, the Nigerian prophet and pastor who’s Emmanuel TV channel has over 660 million views.

If you have created a YouTube channel and you feel  as though you have what it takes to find success then here are some of the ways in which you can boost your YouTube viewership

Go Social Media Crazy

You simply must sell yourself when it comes to your YouTube videos and one of the most successful ways of doing so is to be very active on social media. You should be sharing your videos daily and even sharing old videos in order to reach many people. You can help to improve your reach on social media channels if you try to strike up relationships with key influencers in your field. If you really want to find success then you could even pay to have websites like Facebook run a campaign to promote your videos to your target audience.

Create Great Content

It sounds crazy but one thing that people often lack when they are trying to become a success on YouTube is good content. The way to prove whether your content is good enough is to encourage commentary and feedback, show your videos to friends and family first and gauge their response. Because it is so easy to make videos, people will make any kind of rubbish and expect to go viral, this won’t be the case. Just like an article on a website, your videos should be funny or informative, thought provoking or eye opening, you simply have to engage your audience, if your video doesn’t do this then nobody is likely to tell people about you.

You Must Create Contacts

Creating contacts within your niche is a great way of boosting traffic for you both, this will be a mutually beneficial relationship which allow you both to tap into each otter’s viewership. Even if you are a new kid on the block, why not contact some of the more popular channels and see if you can give each other a shout out on your next video, the worst thing that can happen is that they say no. Remember that the internet and the world of YouTube is a community and inside a community, people help each other out, you can boost your viewership and help the viewership of someone else by creating a strong relationship with them that will see you both win.

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