Here Comes the (Stylish) Bride

Your wedding day is your day to shine! Girls dream of the day that they will be the center of attention in their beautiful white dress with sparkling accessories and gorgeous flowers in their hands. Not included in this dream is the work and preparation that goes into making this dream come true. Being a bride is much more than just showing up for your special day for most women.

The Dress
This one is can be one of the hardest decisions to make. Choosing the perfect dress can be made a little easier if you have an idea of what style looks good on your body type. Many brides start flipping through magazine pages and wedding blogs the minute they get engaged. This is a great way to get ideas about what might look good on you and what you truly love. It is also a good idea to be realistic about your budget. Getting attached to the idea of an expensive designer dress that you can’t afford may just end in disappointment. Many times you can find a similar style for less if you do your research.

The Jewelry
Bridal jewelry should be considered as important as the dress itself. Your sparkle is the icing on the cake when it comes to your attire. This is a great time to choose a beautiful statement necklace that might seem too formal for another occasion. Chandelier earrings, multiple bracelets, or even a tiara are appropriate for this special day. Shopping for these important items should be done early and with great consideration. A beautiful piece of wedding jewelry might be something that you pass on to your children some day.

The Shoes
Since they are partially hidden and sometimes even abandoned as the night goes on, your shoes can sometimes become an afterthought. This should not be the case! The perfect shoes can really affect your day. Your dress is usually altered according to your shoe height so this is something to take into consideration. If you choose comfortable heels or fashionable flats, you can enjoy you entire celebration with your shoes on!

Your wedding day is the time to celebrate your love and to enjoy the fruit of all your preparation. Enlist the help of your trusted friends and family if you need another opinion on important decisions. Incorporate your own style into your gown, jewelry and shoes. Your smile and happiness will make your attire complete so don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

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